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A lot of guys think that girls are complicated and impossible to understand. The problem is that nobody ever taught them how to read the hidden signals that girls give off when they're attracted to someone.

The truth is that girls flirt all the time. The mistake that most guys make is not understanding that guys and girls think differently. When a guy is attracted to a girl he sends out different signals than the girl. To find out if a girl is flirting with you?

There are some simple signs to watch for. As guys we don't always pay attention to the details which is why we miss many of the hidden signs that a girl is flirting with us. Attraction is quite literally in the details and once you know these signs you'll be able to tell if a girl is flirting with you in person over text or on social media.

When face-to-face with you one of the hidden science that a girl is flirting with you is the lip touch. If a girl is attracted to you she will touch her body in certain ways and for obvious reasons the lips are one of her favorite areas to touch.

A girl that is flirting with you might touch, bite, or pucker her lips and if she gives these signs often you can bet that you're doing something right.

The second sign that a girl is flirting with you is the hair flip. But many guys don't understand how the hair flip actually works and the possible meanings behind it. The hair flip actually dates all the way back to the earliest humans and this is crazy but animals actually have their own special version of the hair flip. If a girl is flipping twirling or touching her hair often it serves as a way to make you notice her.

However, a lot of girls are always touching their hair anyway so to know if she's doing it in a flirty way, watch to see if she flips it in a way that gives you a short glimpse of her neck. I cannot stress the importance of paying close attention because the signs are always in the details.

The third sign that she's flirting with you is the smile, but it's not any old smile it's the smile. When
giving off this sign the girl will give you a slow smile that reaches up to her eyes and you'll know when you see it because it almost looks like she's saying "hey come over here and talk to me"

The fourth sign is something that most guys interpret as being nice but in many cases it means much more. The fourth sign is called the damsel in distress and as you can guess from the name it involves a girl asking you for directions or for help carrying something.

The girl is basically saying "hey come be my knight in shining armor and save me from this heavy object" It becomes an even more obvious sign that she's flirting with you if it's obvious that she could do whatever it is she's asking you to do without your help.

The fifth sign that a girl is flirting with you is frequent laughing. Many guys pick up on the sign unconsciously, but they don't always link it to attraction. If a girl likes you or is flirting with you she laughs at almost anything you say. I remember this one girl who liked me who would laugh at the dumbest stories. It was so obvious because she would laugh at my stories that weren't even close to being funny. This sign is especially common among younger girls.

The sixth sign that a girl is flirting with you is gentle mocking and teasing. To show you she likes you a girl will gently tease you about your appearance or things you do or say. All that you have to do is tease her back. Another sign that a girl is flirting with you is fidgeting and this happens because when she's around you she feels much more self-conscious than normally.

You'll notice her fiddling around with parts of her body like her hair or her clothes or purse. When a girl is flirting with you should get closer to you when you're hanging out with a group of friends. The group setting works because she's able to get closer to you without having to directly ask you out. If you're a guy who frequently hangs out with a large group of friends, the girl who's flirting with you will win over your friends so she can get closer to you.

What about social media? How do girls flirt on social media?

With most people especially girls on social media these days you better believe many girls will start flirting with you over Facebook or some other site. A major sign that she's flirting with you over social media is frequent stalking of your profile and posts. If she comments or likes most of your posts almost instantly it's a sign that she might be flirting with you and this is especially true if she's interacting with topics that she obviously wouldn't care about if they had nothing to do with you.

When flirting with a guy over social media girl might frequently tag you in rando things. One of the signs that many guys don't pick up on is how quickly she answers your calls texts or social media conversations? If the girl is looking forward to talking to you, she will usually answer your messages very quickly unless something is preventing her from doing so.

When a girl likes you she will also notice all of the little details about you and she might even poke fun or joke about them. For example, maybe you hold your spoon or fork in a weird way. A girl will notice this and other things about the way you dress how you smell what you like to eat and even what music you listen to.

And if she likes you she'll say things about these tiny details in conversations. What about girls that you pass by in the mall or some other public location? How can you tell that a girl thinks you're attractive from a distance?

A common sign that girls give off from across a room when they think that a guy is good-looking is waiting for you to make eye contact and then holding it for just a split second longer than would be normal. This eye contact is accompanied by a certain look on her face. Which is best described as the way a lion would look at its prey before it pounces.

The eye contact might also be accompanied by a hair flip where a subtle lick of her lips. When flirting from a distance it's easy for girls to go into their head with many thoughts and in many cases a girl might not realize she's staring at you. And if you catch her doing this there is a good chance that she's thinking good things about you.

A lot of guys don't catch this but a girl's voice actually gets lowered when she's attracted to or flirting with you and she might also get dressed up whenever she meets you in person. As guys we are notorious for not paying attention to the details.

In fact, this is one of the main reasons why most couples bicker and fight constantly and in most cases it's because the guy didn't notice the subtle signs that his girlfriend was giving off about her feelings. Paying attention to the details will help you to know when a girl is flirting with you but it will also carry over and improve other areas of your life.

 And once you start making a conscious effort to pay attention you'll start to notice the small things that most guys miss which can give you a huge advantage over them and it will definitely make it easier to know if a girl is flirting with you. 

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