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Guys, have you ever freaked out because you weren't sure if she liked you or not? Let's be realistic here. There is no point to approaching her if she doesn't like you and the problem that most guys have is recognizing the signs that she's attracted to you.

Now the biggest mistake that guys make is thinking that a single sign or movement is going to give away a girl's feelings for you. But the real world is messy so it doesn't always work like that. Allow me to let you in on a little secret, women can be complicated which is why guys have a lot of trouble trying to decode the signals that they send out.

The only way that you're ever going to know for sure if she likes you is to understand these simple tips that you're about to learn. Which will make you more confident, comfortable, and excited the next time you see that a girl is interested in you.

Now the first step is very simple but very effective: Eye contact with a universal symbol of human attraction and even small babies use eye contact unknowingly as a way to show what they're interested in. All that you have to know is that a woman tends to stare at a guy that they like for a couple of seconds and it is called the Copulatory Gaze. Her pupils will also dilate during these few seconds which means the black parts of her eyes will get bigger. If a girl seems like she is avoiding eye contact with you then she is probably not that interested in you.

The second tip is to watch for the first call or text. In most cases, girls don't text guys because they're bored and this is even true for younger girls. If you're hanging out with your Bros and a girl texts or calls you it's most likely because she's interested in you. Now an unsolicited call or text from a girl almost always means she's attracted to you so take this advice and run with it.

Now the third step is to check if her body is facing you. When girls feel comfortable around you she'll turn her body towards you and if she's not really interested in you she might still talk to you but her body will be facing away from you. Which is a good sign that she's avoiding you.

Now the fourth tip is to watch for laughing and smiling. This is one of the first signs of attraction that I remember from meeting the first girl I was ever with. We first met she was with a friend and she seemed to laugh at almost everything I said and she had this non-stop giggly kind of attitude. Since I know that I'm not the funniest guy out there I could easily see that something was up with this girl.

Now the fifth tip is to watch for the hair flip. Although it sounds kind of cliche girls really do play with their hair when they're interested or flirting with a guy. But it might not always be the hair that they play with. All girls are different and some might twiddle a piece of clothing or constantly adjust it. The bottom line is that studies show that girls preen themselves when they're interested in a guy. So the hair thing is definitely, something to watch for.

These are some simple tips that you can start using today to find out if she's attracted to you and take the next step.

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