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The road to success is rough and unpaved. The road to success is full of broken dreams and people who gave up. When starting towards your dreams, some people will encourage you but as you move further on your path the encouragement will likely fade and the same people who once cheered you on are no longer standing beside you.

The road to success is dark and lonely it's painful. At times it will be nearly intolerable and when you feel like your journey to success has made you more bitter than when you started, just know that all of this is normal.

It's meant to be that way. You have to go down before you can go up but once you do go up you're going to rise so much higher than you've ever been before. When you first start towards your goals or dreams.

You'll feel very optimistic you'll experience a strong motivation to get started and you might even feel like you can do anything. You feel this way because you haven't encountered any obstacles. You feel this way because you haven't developed any false beliefs. Your optimism is what will get you started but just know that as soon as you run into the first obstacle a large part of optimism will leave you.

Then another obstacle and another. More excitement lost. In life you can get anything you want you can nobody is stopping you but you. But before you can taste success you must know the price and you must be willing to pay it. Most people start towards their dreams and don't know the true price of achieving them so when times get hard they give up.

Some people revisit their goals later on in life but most people give up and they spend the rest of their life wondering what if? What if I just stuck it out a little bit longer? what if I persisted just long enough to reach my goals? When we see a self-made millionaire driving an exotic sports car it's easy to assume their parents for them or they inherited a fortune.

The truth is that a lot of people inherited their wealth and never spent a single day of their life working for it. These people are easy to spot because they're almost always the ones who try the hardest to show it off in everything they do. They never paid the price for success but you will. On your journey a major obstacle that you'll need to face is rejection.

Most self-made millionaires have faced rejection many times. It's part of the price that you must pay for success. Another major obstacle that you'll face is disappointment and the greater your ambition the more likely you'll experience disappointment along the way. The price of success must also be paid with stress.

If you want to succeed learn how to manage stress and stay focused. On the path to your dreams you'll experience every negative emotion you can think of. Think of these emotions as life testing you. When you experience rejection will you give up. What about when you endure the pain of disappointment and the stresses of life coming at you from every angle.

The truth isn't meant to discourage you in fact it's quite the opposite. If you don't know what to expect you're more likely to give up. The road to success is not made for quitters. It's not made for those who are easily offended. The road to success is made only for those who are willing to pay the price to get what they want.

The reality is that most people give up when they're just inches away from the finish line. To succeed you have to believe without a doubt that you'll make it. When times get tough and they will embrace the struggles. Recognize the obstacles for what they truly are. Tests with every challenge you're given an opportunity to prove yourself. To prove that you're not a quitter. To prove that you're worthy. To tell life that you deserve every bit of success it has for you.

The road to success is always open for those who are willing to pay the price. Most people walk right by it and never even notice it but you are different. Now that you know the price all you have to do is get started.

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