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Every day, you pop open your Facebook app and check your notifications. Depending on how you're feeling maybe you decide that it's time to change your profile picture you scroll through hundreds of pictures and eventually you find one you like with the press of a button your new profile picture is set and you're ready for the world to see it.

Something that you didn't think about is what your new profile picture is broadcasting about your personality? Yes, it's true. Other people can accurately read your personality with something as simple as your Facebook or Twitter profile picture and you can do the same with theirs.

There are over 1.6 5 billion active Facebook and Twitter users and almost nobody knows how to read a person's personality using their profile picture. Studies have categorized most people into five major personality types. So the burning question here is what personality type do you fall under?

Maybe you consider yourself an extrovert, someone who loves talking with other people or maybe you fall into the introvert category. As it turns out extroverted people are characterized best by their engagement with the world around them and the profile picture for this personality is very colorful.

Profile pictures for extroverts are not only colorful they also feature other people in them. So what about the quality of the image?

The profile picture for an extrovert usually has a lower overall quality than pictures for other personality types. Extroverts also have a profile picture that projects a youthful image and the choice to select an image that makes them appear younger is something that only extroverts do.

What about neurotics? For those of you who don't know a neurotic person is someone who is almost always in a negative emotional state and they tend to suffer from feelings of anger, anxiety guilt, and indeed much more often than the average person.

You can spot these types of people on social media because they're always posting about how unfair life is and why everything in the world is negative? So what type of profile picture does a neurotic perso have ? As it turns out these individuals choose images that are much different than what you'd find for an extrovert.

Since the neurotic person is usually experiencing emotional instability and negative emotions their profile pictures tend to be simple uncolored full images and they're likely to have negative color emotions which means the picture might be black and white.

The profile picture for a neurotic also pens to have the person's face obscured or covered with animals, inanimate objects, or reading glasses.

So what about a person with an open personality? What type of picture do they have?

According to studies people who have an open personality are likely to take the best pictures. People with an open personality are also likely to have photos that lack color and show the person displaying negative emotions. A person with a personality for openness naturally does it conform and you're
 likely to find some similarities between the profile pictures for people who are open and also the people who are in erat.

What about someone who has an agreeable personality? What type of picture do they have?

If you're an agreeable person your Facebook or Twitter profile picture will be bright and colorful. Since you're agreeable your picture is also likely to have other faces included in it. It's true that agreeable people have a profile picture that is positive, bright, colorful, and shows them smiling or displaying positive emotions.

But the overall quality of the picture won't be that great. An agreeable person's picture might also seem cluttered.

The fifth major personality type is the conscientious person and this personality is linked to self-discipline, planned behavior, and orderliness. So what does this person's picture look like?

The profile picture for this personality type usually has one good face in it and is much more natural bright and colorful than the picture for the other personality types. People with a conscientious personality are very expressive and they tend to display smiling and joyful vibes and their profile pictures.

Now that you understand the basics, grab yourself a carrot because we're about to go a whole lot deeper down the rabbit hole. Any image that a person chooses as their profile picture is chosen for a reason and when viewed by others it can give you suddle clues about their personality.

If you know how to read these clues you'll have yet another tool in your toolbox for reading the hidden personalities of other people. We'll start with a portrait because this one is really popular.

The portrait shot is a clearer picture of the person from the waist up and it includes their entire face. If you have a portrait shot as your profile picture then you're likely to be a well-adjusted normal adult who is confident in your appearance.

You might also be pretty boring and if the image is mostly an author photo or a headshot. You might be a narcissistic career.

If the portrait shot shows you in a bathing suit or with your shirt off then you're probably really attractive and insecure.

The next major type of profile picture is called the far and away.

In this picture you're far enough away from the camera so it's almost impossible to see the details of your face but you're close enough for people to see that you're actually a person. If this describes your profile picture, you're a private person and don't really want people knowing what you look like. You're also likely to be shy and reserved until someone gets to know you.

The next type of profile picture is the up-close shot and it's an up close picture of part of your face such as your lips.

This is the photo for someone who acts like they don't want to be recognized but they really do. It might also be for someone who had an imperfection when they were younger such as acne and to this day they're still embarrassed about it.

The next type of profile picture is one with a pet in it and in most cases the picture only shows the pet and not the  owner.

If the pictures of your cat then you're a woman who has no boyfriend and if it's a dog then you might be an older guy without a girlfriend.

The next type of profile picture is the party shop and it usually involves the person drinking a beer, smoking something or dancing in a club. If this describes your profile picture then there is a good chance that you're still young and your brain isn't finished developing yet.

Every picture that you set as your profile picture is giving off hidden clues about your personality and the same is true for other people. Most people don't know how to read the hidden messages? For example, choosing a picture that shows you far away from the camera could mean you're insecure.

If your profile picture shows you tilting your head and smiling you're projecting independence. The tiniest changes to your profile picture can depict you as someone who people would want to spend a lot of time around or someone that looks unfriendly and uninviting.

If you've ever looked at someone's profile picture and thought to yourself, hmm I really don't think I like that person and you had no idea why you felt this way. Now you know why! 

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