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Every single day we spend most of our time working at a job that we hate and with each passing day we forget about the dreams that we had as children. Forget about our personal legend.

When we're kids everything is so simple and clear. We know we want to do with that life and we feel the desire to follow this path very strongly. But as we grow older we get distracted and we stop paying attention to our dreams. We've come used to a certain way of light and we begin to feel change.

We quickly lose our courage and before we even realized what has happened most of our life has passed us by and we fall asleep include that we can no longer pursue our dreams.

The fear of failure is the biggest obstacle that holds us back from our dreams but it's better to die pursuing our personal legend than to die as cowards. Inside of every single person there is a personal legend. If you pay attention, life will give you the clues to let you know if you're on the path to chase your own personal legend.

The problem is that a lot of people become used to a certain way of living and they begin to fear change and over time their dreams become so buried under fear and distractions the life's clues become unrecognizable.

The universe is always conspiring to give you what you want most. It wants you to fulfill your personal legend and it will do everything it can to help you find the path towards your dreams. The shepherd boy from the alchemists didn't want to leave his flock of sheep because it was all he had ever known but deep inside his heart was guiding him towards his dream.

Which was to travel the world and to find his treasure. On the way to the pyramids where his treasure was supposedly located, the boy discovered that he already had his treasure with him himself.

Although he did actually find some real treasure. The alchemists that he meets along the way plays a very important role in helping the boy to discover the secrets of his inner treasure. Several times the boys almost killed and with each close encounter with death the boy learns another important lesson.

We all have dreams and we have to remember that it's never too late to pursue them. I know that you're reading to this right now and you have your own dream, your own personal legend to chase after. Maybe you have a family that you must support and bills that need to be paid. So like the  shepherd boy in The Alchemist you might have to work for a year to save up enough money to pay for the trip to eat.

The point is that you should never give up on your dreams and when possible you should be actively pursuing them and listening to the little clues that life is giving you to make sure you're on the right path. You should know that the fear of failure is much stronger than the actual failure and in the end there are no failures in life only lessons. So never give up on your dreams. until next time thanks for watching

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