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How to find a girl's type | Does She Like you

How to find a girl's type | Does She Like you

Meet Bob, Bob is a normal guy just like me and you and even though he's been through some rough times in the Prior article. Bob just wants to have a good life. Bob is in college right now and there is his girl Amber who he has a crush on. Bob has grown up with amber all through middle and high school and what are the odds that they also happen to end up in the same College.

Like the rest of us Bob is trying to figure out if he has a chance with Amber, but he doesn't really know what her type is? The thing that a lot of people don't realize is that everyone on the planet looks for and avoids certain types of people. If you're able to find out what type your crush is looking for
or wants to avoid?

The odds that sparks will fly between the two of you will increase significantly. Now Amber is a good-looking girl but she's been to a few heartbreaks. Guys named Josh and Billy broke her heart. So almost any guy with these names will not be considered right from the start. Some of the other things that determine a person's type are their relationships with their parents their personal beliefs and even their facial features.

For example, Amber had a dad but since he was extremely mean to her growing up part of her type is a guy who is not like her father. On the flip side if Amber's dad was really good to her there's a good chance that she'll be looking for a guy who has a personality that is just like her fathers.

These are some of the factors that determine a girl's type but the same concepts also applied to guys. With that said let's look at some of the ways that you can find out what type of guy your crush is looking for? One of the easiest and most effective ways to do this is to look at what celebrities she likes! Social media makes it really easy to see what celebrity males a girl likes and all that you have to do is consider how much you're like them in terms of appearance and personality.

Let's imagine you look at her social media profile and you notice that she seems to be into thuggish looking singers who have lots of tattoos. Now in this situation, this is a strong piece of evidence that she likes bad boys. To put this into use you don't have to go out and get a tattoo but you might consider unleashing your inner bad-boy whenever you're around her.

On the flip side if all of her favorite male singers are rocker guys then this is good evidence that she's into rocker types of do.

The second way to find out what type of guy your crush likes is to find out what facial features she doesn't like. For example, maybe Amber has a large oddly shaped nose and she absolutely can't stand this feature. Most girls and even guys will be attracted to someone who doesn't have the facial features that they don't like about themselves.

On the flip side girls and guys are more likely to be attracted to someone who has the facial features that they like. So if Amber loves her little nose and her green eyes there's a really good chance that her type will be a guy who has these features. The third and arguably the most effective way to find out what type of guy your crush likes is to look at who she's dated in the past.

What did these guys look like what were their personalities like? Let's imagine that Amber is a cheerleader and she's pretty popular in school. Amber has only had two boyfriends but they both played on a sports team.

According to the evidence, there's a good chance that Amber's type is a guy who plays sports. But if you look even deeper than that it could be that Amber is primarily looking for guys who have high social status in school which is usually something that guys who play on sports teams have.

Now the fourth way to find out what type of guy your crush likes is to look at her parents. The relationship that she has with each of her parents is really important and most people don't consciously realize that they're actually attracted to partners who look like their parent.  But only if they have a good relationship with this parent.

Let's imagine Amber has a dad but unfortunately he took off when she was only a baby and he only occasionally shows up in her life. Because of this Amber has had a rough relationship with her dad. So the type of guy that she's looking for is likely to be the opposite of all of the traits that her dad has.

For example, by leaving her when she was only a child her dad shows that he lacks responsibility and whenever he does come around he just tries to control her life and everything that she does. In this case, Amber will probably be attracted to a guy who was responsible and who doesn't try to control her. If you have a crush in school or at work these are so the easiest ways to find out what type of guy your crush is attracted to? So you'll know if you're a good match for.

This information is also useful outside of having a crush. Because of every single person on the planet has a type and some of the smartest guys are the ones who can quickly identify a girl's type. By choosing to approach girls who would probably consider you their type you instantly increase the odds that sparks will fly between the two of you.
For example, if your favorite type of video game is something like role-playing it wouldn't make sense to go out and spend your money on 20 different sports games because you probably won't like any of them. Uses the information to find out what girls are your type so you can save time and energy avoiding the girls who are probably not a good fit for you.

But also keep in mind that even if you don't seem like the type that your crush is looking for there is always a chance that she'll like you anyway because the attraction between humans relies on so many
different factors. 

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