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10 Weird things guys do that girls think is creepy

10 Weird things guys do that girls think is creepy

These days girls use the word creepy often and it has pretty much become a catch-all phrase for anything a girl doesn't like about a guy. But the truth is that there are really things that guys do that are really creepy and in many cases, these guys have no idea that they're actually doing them. Once you know what these things are, you can avoid doing them and being labeled as creepy by most girls.

#1 Following girls.

Many guys want to be nice and will offer to walk a girl to her car. If the girl says no thank you, but you keep following her then that's just creepy.

#2 Flirting with female cashiers.

The other day I was in a store and couldn't help but notice this guy was aggressively flirting with one of the girls who was running the cash register. The problem was that the girl wasn't flirting back and the guy was totally convinced that she was this was so funny, but also very sad because it happens all the time.

If you were to give this guy a test and ask him to check one of the answers, he would probably select the bottom answer. So many guys forget the fact that it's the cashier's job to be nice.

She is quite literally getting paid to meet people and creepy guys mistake niceness for attraction. In some cases, there really is an attraction but nine times out of ten it is really just a dude being creepy.

#3 Honking your horn at girls who are joking.

Several years ago I used to know some guys who worked construction. Two of my buddies friends were named Pablo and Jose these guys were great dudes but every time that we were on a lunch break they would whistle loudly at attractive girls who walked by and mumble something in Spanish.

Honking your car horn at attractive girls we're jogging is the same thing, but it's even creepier because you're in a car. As guys sometimes we want to give credit where credit is due if we see a good-looking girl but trust me when I say that this is not the way to do it.

#4 Not knowing when to stop.

We've all seen those romantic movies where the guy is in love with a girl and despite her turning him down repeatedly he continues to pursue her. In the end, she finally gives in and magically realizes that they are soul mates. This little scenario works out great in the movies but pursuing a girl like this in real life is just well creepy.

A lot of girls like a good chase but if this is the case they will actually show a little bit of interest from the start to initiate the chase. Guys who start and continue a chase with zero interest shown from the girl are just being creepy.

#5 Too many compliments too soon.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with giving a girl a compliment and to be honest a well-thought-out compliment to the right person can score you some major points. But if you give a girl too many compliments right when you first meet her you're just going to seem creepy.

So many guys make the mistake of thinking that showering a girl in compliments is going to make her liked it but the reality is far from the truth. For the best results try to stick with no more than a single compliment during the first few interactions with her.

#6 Too many likes on Facebook.

If you haven't already noticed girls are always on Facebook and Instagram. Girls by nature are very competitive in a passive kind of way. Ninety-nine percent of a time when it girls on social media she is basically creeping on other girls she with the school with to see if they're doing better or worse than her in life.

As guys, this seems so trivial to us and we would rather spend our time worrying about improving ourselves in our own lives. But for most girls, this is literally part of their everyday life. A lot of guys find a girl that they think is super attractive on Facebook and in an attempt to show that they like her
they go through and like every post room picture on her account. I get it - some guys this doesn't seem like a creepy thing to do but when Facebook suddenly sends the girl hundred notifications for
all of the likes that you just sent you're going to be instantly labeled as a creep.

#7 Random touching.

We all know that guy who likes to touch everyone. When dating a girl targeted touch is one of the fastest ways to escalate the attraction but touching random girls that you've never met is one of the fastest ways to get arrested. Touching random girls you don't know is an easy way to get labeled as a creep.

#8 Showing up to her workplace regularly.

Picture the middle-aged guy in the Corvette. He went through the Starbucks drive-thru once and thought that since the girl was being nice that she really liked him.

Ever since that day, he shows up every other day to talk to her never taking the hints that she's not
interested. Repeatedly showing up to a girl's workplace to talk to her when she's obviously not interested is a creepy thing to do and if you're a middle-aged man doing this to younger girls, it's even creepier.

#9  Hitting on younger women.

The other day I was with a girl grabbing some teriyaki tea and as we walk up to the cashier there was an older man in front of us. There were two young girls working behind a small counter the older man proceeded to ask one of the girls where her tattoos were.

After noticing that she did it have any like the other girl me the girl I was with and the two girls behind the counter, all looked at each other in disbelief as the guy proceeded to get even creepier.

After asking the girl about her tattoos and getting flat-out completely ignored the man proceeded to ask her the same questions, but this time calling her by the nickname tattoo girl. The fact that the guy had to be in his 50s and kind of looked like the dude from the Addams Family probably wasn't helping anything.

If the girl you're trying to flirt with is young enough to be your daughter and you're old enough to be her father then you're going to be labeled as a creep.

#10 Making inappropriate jokes.

So many guys make jokes that they think are hilarious, but girls just find them creepy. I'll joke about slipping something into a girl's drink might seem harmless but it's one of the fastest ways to get labeled as being a creep. If you make this mistake once you can probably still redeem yourself but two or more times and you're on your way to creep city.

The reality is that a lot of good guys unintentionally do some really creepy things and to be honest a lot of guys who do these creepy things really do have some problems that they need to sort out for themselves. Which is why girls are so quick to avoid any contact with him.

If it looks like a duck and it quacks like a duck then it's probably a duck and the moral of the story here is don't be a duck and don't do these creepy things.

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