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What do women want in men | Myths about women and men

What do women want in men | Myths about women and men

One of the greatest myths of all time that many guys actually believe, states that girls are only attracted to money and power and that physical looks don't even matter. But the truth is that girls actually find a man's physical appearance very import. And with the help of a few simple tips, you can become instantly more attractive and make most girls fall for you.
According to science, there are a few easy ways to become a more attractive man that work extremely well because of how we humans think. Statistically, there are way more guys and girls in the world who weren't born with perfect genetics. Most guys don't have broad shoulders and can't put on muscles simply by lifting a finger.

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And the good news is, you don't actually need these things to look better. One of the greatest things that you can do right away to look more attractive, is move around in a group. Even a guy who is walking around with only one other guy is viewed as being significantly more attractive by girls.
Researchers aren't entirely sure why this works? But they believe that it has something to do with
the cheerleader effect, which is something based on psychology.
Now for the second tip, according to some French researchers, girls were three times as likely to give their phone numbers out to a man who is walking a dog than one who isn't. It is believed that the dog helps to reduce any awkwardness of the interaction while also making the girl view you as a more responsible person. So put simply the mere act of walking a dog will actually make you more attractive.

Now the third easiest way to instantly make yourself look better is to walk confidently. And it has been discovered that when girls look at a guy, the first thing that they notice, is what he's wearing but the second and arguably more important thing that they notice is his walk. If you look around the next time that you're out in public, you'll notice at least a few guys who walk in a way that almost makes them seem cocky.

 Logically you would think that girls and other people would conclude that the guy is obviously trying really hard to appear confident but it doesn't quite work like that. In fact, as humans, unless we have a lot of hard evidence to prove otherwise. We generally believe what we see so if we see a guy walking in a really cocky confident way we automatically assume that he is confident.
Because there is no other logical reason why he would be walking like that? And guess what since girls are humans they think the same exact way.

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Notice how in many prank videos the prankster will act super confident as he approaches and when viewing the interaction from the outside, you can easily tell by the girl's body language that she just assumes that he is super confident. Until he says or does something that proves otherwise.
Remember that is completely natural for humans to judge a book by its cover because this is a major part of our survival instincts and how we've managed to avoid danger for thousands of years.

So the next time that you're out in public to make sure that you're walking around like you just won ten million dollars and most people will automatically be you as a more attractive and confident person until you do something that proves them wrong.

Now the fourth the easiest way to become instantly more attractive is to maintain an open body posture. According to researchers, women find men more attractive when the men are sitting or standing with their legs stretched open and when they speak using their hands. It is believed that these things make men more attractive because they are signs of dominance and as you already know women find dominant men far more attractive than men who appear weak and submissive.
Now for the fifth and easily the most important tip revolves around your style. The sad truth is that many guys are raised by single mothers and they end up getting dressed by their older sisters. And in a worst-case scenario, they don't learn anything about style until they're so older that it doesn't really matter anyway. But the good news is that the basics of men's style are incredibly easy to understand
and the most important thing that you'll ever learn about style is fit.

In fact, one of the fastest ways to tell if a guy has ever had a girlfriend is as simple as looking at how well his clothes fit his body. When it comes down to it, it's all about proportion. All that you really have to do is make sure that your clothes fit you up. In other words, they shouldn't be too big, too tight, or too small and the colors should match. It's really that simple.

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And if you only get the basics right you can instantly increase your attractiveness and you'll end up getting way more looks from cute girls. The next time that you're out in public look around that other guy, young and old. And you will be totally blown away by just how many guys are walking around in shirts, pants, and colors that don't fit or match.

And after reading this article you will feel better about yourself. Knowing that you were officially part of the small percentage of guys who actually know how to dress with style. These are so the easiest simplest and most effective ways to make yourself instantly more attractive. And although this is an excellent way to attract girls. It's also a great way to gain respect from other men. 

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