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For thousands of years, the attraction between girls and guys has remained the same. The way do we gather food and how we interact with each other has changed but the core triggers of attraction have always remained the same. Our brains still think for the most part just like they did thousands of years ago and the sooner that you understand this the sooner your life will change for the better when it comes to interacting with girls.

You've heard the same nice guys finish last, but you probably haven't heard the saying jerks finish first. What you have to understand, is that girls have and will always be attracted to jerks and bad boys but not for the reasons that you might think.

Growing up I was always taught to be a nice guy my. Father passed when I was young and I was raised solely by my mother. The consequences of growing up without a father figure are very real and it can have major effects on your future. But only if you allow it to. Some guys find a father figure in school to teach them the basics others are lucky enough to figure it out on their own.

But some other guys go through life even if they have a father without ever knowing the truth which is what you're about to learn. You see every girl on the planet is different, yes but they all have the same subconscious triggers. A lot of guys think that attracting girls is so mysterious but the truth is that it can and has actually been broken down to a science. Think about this for a second!

As men, our subconscious triggers for attraction are very simple. We really just want a good-looking girl who isn't crazy. It's really that simple sure a relationship with a girl is much more complex than that but for basic raw attraction, we just want a good-looking girl who isn't going to make our life miserable. And the most important fact in terms of raw traction for men is the girl's physical appearance.

Now, what about girls? To understand this we have to go way back thousands of years before grocery stores, cars, and Netflix. What girls want today is the same as what they wanted thousands of years ago. And at the core when a girl truly wants from every man is strength.

Sure she wants you to have raw, physical strength but that's kind of just like a bonus. The real strength and the biggest factor that a girl looks for in terms of raw attraction comes from your mind.

All girls are literally programmed to want a man with strength. This is the reason why your level of self-confidence outweighs anything else about you. You could be a billionaire and sure you probably have many flings with attractive girls, but without mental strength, without confidence, you'll never truly be a man.

The reason why confidence is so attractive? Is because it smashes the subconscious attraction trigger within every girl's brain that goes back thousands of years. Confidence is really just another name for mental strength. A great role model always talked about facing every fear because behind every fear is the man that you want to be.

The simplest most effective way to increase your self-confidence is to look fear in the face and defeat it. Confidence is the total opposite of fear so as the fear leaves your mind it is replaced with this incredible energy that shines through and everything that you do is called confidence. For thousands of years, this is the key trait that girls have looked for in men, of course, your physical appearance plays a role and yes money is important but the one trait that rules them all is confidence.

And the more that you have of this intangible the easier it will be to attract girls, money, quality friends, and anything else that you could want for a fulfilling life. Therefore, the key to any girl's heart is mental strength or confidence. When you click a button on your phone it always responds with what it has been programmed to do.

Girls are the same way and they're literally programmed to respond positively to mental strength. This is the way that it was is and will always be. If you have enough confidence in yourself, it's like having a cheat code that will override money, physical attractiveness in all other factors when it comes to attracting girls.

Mental strength is universally attractive and it's what men are literally designed to have. When you're finished reading this article, do at least one thing today not tomorrow or a week from now: to face your fears. Yes, you will feel uncomfortable doing it, but as long as you push through it, you'll realize the fear wasn't even real and once it begins to fade away.

Take note of what took its place. Maybe you want to start working out or maybe you're too scared to act a certain way or say something you really want to say because you're scared of what other people will think of them.

Face one of your fears just once and you'll get a taste of what real confidence feels like and this, this
is the magic key to unlock the raw traction in every girl's heart and with that's it until next time thanks for reading.

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