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The One Thing Every Girl Wants Is?

The One Thing Every Girl Wants Is?

Imagine you have two guys who both want to attract girls. The first guy is Bob and he carries out the same routine every single day. Like clockwork he gets up at 8:00 in the morning, works until 5:00 at a local gas station, goes home and watches his favorite shows on Netflix goes to sleep and then wakes up and does it all over again.

Now the second guy is Bill and Bill is actually, a criminal. Bill is nearly identical to Bob but when it comes to the way that he lives his life he is completely different.

The crazy thing is Bill has no trouble meeting girls and when girls hang out with it there is never a dull moment. So does this mean that you need to get arrested to gain the one thing that every girl wants from a guy?

No. You see Bob's entire life is a routine that he always follows every single minute of every single day without exception. But Bob is harboring a dirty little secret. The reason why Bob can't attract girls very well is because like the nice guy he's really boring and predictable.

Something of the alpha males, the bad boys, and the jerks have all figured out long ago is that girls just want to have fun. In the same way that us guys are programmed to desire girls with great physical beauty, girls are programmed to want to have fun.

Of course, there are always exceptions but it's human nature to want to have a fun exciting life and this is especially true for girls. Nice guys like Bob are always playing it safe so their entire life ends up being boring and generic.

They say that variety is the spice of life and this holds true for everything. Girls becoming attracted to and staying attracted to nice guys is like eating the same food every day for the rest of your life. When asked which type of death is preferred over every other it was Julius Caesar who said the "unexpected!"

What he means by this is that he would rather die from an unexpected death than from one that is predictable and boring. The key word here is predictable, predictability can be good at times but not if it's present all the time. This is the secret that all of the alpha males and the bad boys have known for years instinctively.

Sure Bob is constantly in and out of jail but ironically most girls would find his lifestyle exciting. Unpredictability is something that every girl wants but as usual, they don't want too much of it. Too much unpredictability and your life will seem chaotic, too much predictability and your life will be boring in generic.

As usual, there's always a sweet spot somewhere in the middle. From a young age, we're taught to simply blend in with everyone else. We're taught to let other people make decisions for us and to choose safety and comfort over personal growth and change.

But if you look at all the most successful and the famous people in the world. They were the ones who stood out from the crowd they were the ones who dared to be different you can always be
boring and stick to the same routine day in and day out and there's really nothing wrong with them.

But who wants to live their life like that. At the end of the day girls just want to have fun and if you lead a fun exciting life then girls can't help but be attracted to you.

Unpredictability is the one thing that every girl wants because it keeps things fun and exciting. And you don't have to get arrested to be unpredictable. You just have to try new things as much as you can and stay curious.

If you always wear the same pair of shoes every single day, try a different pair for a week. If you spend a ton of time playing video games inside, try doing something outdoors for a day. A famous quote once said "it is only when we're spontaneous that we can be who we truly are" Be unpredictable switch things up as much as you can and the girls will follow. 

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