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ONE Thing 99.9% of Girls CAN'T Ignore | How To Handle Mate Guarding And Attraction

ONE Thing 99.9% of Girls CAN'T Ignore | How To Handle Mate Guarding And Attraction

Throughout the ages, one thing has brought down entire kingdoms of men. One thing has made many men appear weak and insecure in front of countless girls and it's something that girls can sense from
a mile away.

Psychology is understanding how humans think and why they do the things that they do? And the more that you understand psychology the more you will understand yourself and the more attractive you will become.

The one thing that can instantly destroy attraction between a girl and a guy is jealousy. But the problem isn't jealousy itself, but how you handle it? Once you master this, Girls will find you way more attractive when they see that you are able to handle jealousy like a man.

According to studies girls become jealous when a man starts to fall in love with another girl and guys become jealous when a girl gets physical with another man. When you feel jealousy about another man talking to the girl you're with, it actually has a name rooted in psychology called mate guarding.

In other words, when you feel like you're competing with another man for a girl, you are basically guarding your mate. There is actually nothing wrong with wanting to guard your mate, but as is the case with most things in life, it is how you do it that matters most. The way that you handle jealousy when in competition with other males also applies to other areas of your life.

And it has a huge impact on whether you're viewed by girls and even men as an attractive male or an overly insecure one. Imagine you're trying to court a girl that you just met and you noticed that she's frequently texting another guy.

In this situation, you have two ways that you can respond: The first is to get really mad and defensive and call her out on it. In your head, this probably seems like the right thing to do, but in reality, it is the complete opposite of how you should react?

This is exactly how most unattractive men would react. Now the second option is the lesser known reaction and it's the complete opposite of the first reaction, meaning there is no defensiveness sand the feelings of jealousy are suppressed.

What you are learning right now? Is not just key to becoming a more attractive male it is also the best
possible way to handle other guys who try to test you or alpha upon you so to speak. Remember in previous articles where I mentioned that insecurity is pretty much the number one thing that repels all girls.

The truth is that lurking just under the surface of jealousy is actually your insecurities. A typical beta male will try to punish a girl when he feels jealous about another man and this is the worst thing that you can do.

Since the root cause of jealousy is insecured the amount of jealousy that you experience is directly linked to your level of insecurity or put simply your lack of confidence. Imagine you just met this girl a day ago and on the second day you go to see a movie with her. She waits until you were both sitting down in the movie.

While the previews are playing and she tells you a little story about how this guy was hitting on her at the grocery store after you were with her the day before. After hearing this the mate guarding mechanism within your head is automatically activated and you basically have two options to respond:

You think for a split second why is she telling me this? Even though you still have some insecurities. You've read other articles on the blog and you instantly realized that she's just testing you. Activating a man's mate guarding mechanism is one of the fastest ways for a girl to check if a man is confident or insecure.

As always the best way to handle this situation is not to get defensive but to deflect the test with humor. After the girl tells you the story about the other guy hitting on her. You might say something like well maybe he's just really into on girls if the girl that you're with has blonde hair.

The goal here is to show indifference which basically means that you're unfazed by her story. And unattractive meant allows jealousy to completely consume him and he becomes passive-aggressive towards the girl or even worse explodes with anger. Ironically by reacting this way he does the one thing that is most likely to make his fear of the girl leaving him actually come true.

In life, you'll come across many situations where you will experience feelings of jealousy or situations that will test your strength as a man. Natural-born alpha males will test you, girls will test you, and life itself will test you and it's how you handle these tests that will determine the kind of
man that should grow to become.

When other men try to alpha upon you. They are testing for the same thing that girls are testing for, which is confidence and the way that you show confidence and show that you're an attractive man is by remaining indifferent throughout these situations.

In other words, they're trying to get a defensive reaction out of you and to pass these tests even if you're insecure is to do precisely the opposite of what they want? Which is to reply with humor and show that their words do not faze you. The more that you pass these tests from girls, guys, and even life the more you will be rewarded over time.

Remember as humans we are always leaking signals about our true character and everything that we do. So the only question is are you leaking the right signals that make you a more confident attractive man or the wrong ones? 

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