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One LEGENDARY Secret That Attracts 99.9% of Girls | THE OUTLIER

One LEGENDARY Secret That Attracts 99.9% of Girls | THE OUTLIER

Throughout history, one of the most important missions that men have carried out is attracting a girl. If he fails this mission, he is not able to reproduce and pass on his DNA coat. What you're about to learn, is the legendary secret that will make you more attractive to most girls, but this secret is just as important for succeeding at life in general as it is for girls.

I've mentioned before that in life, solve the greatest wisdom that you can learn also happens to be the simplest. Many guys view girls as some sort of uncrackable code. When in reality they're actually quite easy to understand and all that you need to succeed not just with girls but in all of life, is a small amount of wisdom from the right source.

The difficult part, which is where most people fail is actually putting this knowledge into action. In most high schools and colleges around the world, you have what is called cliques. These are basically groups of people who are similar or have similar interests.

Obviously, it would be better if these groups didn't exist. But humans have been forming groups like this since the beginning of time and it's simply what we do as a species.

You can fit most people in any given school into one of these groups. But what you'll find is that there is a percentage of guys who are outside of the usual. These guys are able to mingle within any group that they want, whenever they want, with no consequences.

In nature, the Alaskan wood frog is able to freeze its own body solid, when it needs to. Which allows it to survive temperatures as low as minus 80 degrees. During the spring the Alaskan wood frog thaws itself out and comes back to life as if nothing ever happened.

The guys in school who don't fit into any groups are similar because they have what is basically an adaptation. But it's not quite what you might think and this is the secret that makes them extremely attractive to girls. But also more successful in life. The reason why so many guys don't get this right? Is because they do the opposite without even realizing it.

Think about the last time that you flirted with a girl and made a joke about her! Maybe you joked about something that she was wearing or how forgetful she is. After you told the joke you probably said: "just kidding". Two little words and you pretty much eliminated like a third of the attraction, the girl had for you.

But as is often the case, it is not so much about the words themselves but the implied meaning behind them. When you tell someone a joke that is mildly insulting to them and immediately after you say just kidding, you're telling them something without actually saying it. It's the same thing when a guy apologizes constantly for ridiculous things that he should never say sorry for. When you say to a girl "just kidding" after involving her in a mildly insulting joke, you are basically saying please-please
like me.

Another example is when a guy constantly asks a girl if she is okay because he looks over at her and she's not smiling or laughing. It is just another unconscious way, the guy is saying, do you like me and I'm scared that you don't like me. In life, it is the little things that matter the most.

The little actions that you do every day accumulate and compound over time and they have a greater and greater impact on your life. All of the little things is that guys do that make them unattractive to girls can be traced back to a handful of root causes. That with practice can be fixed quite easily.

Constantly apologizing for mildly insulting jokes and asking a girl if she's OK at the tiniest sign of discomfort can all be linked back to a fear of disapproval. But as humans, it is natural for us to want people to like us, but with almost 8 billion people on the planet, there will be a lot of people who don't like us for absolutely no reason.

And if you're a guy, a large percentage of these people will be girls. The guys in school who can easily move in and out of cliques are like the Alaskan wood frog because they are able to essentially freeze their mind and block out the opinions and the disapproval of others.

It is the same reason why girls are instinctively attracted to jerks. You see girls can't help but be attracted to guys who simply don't care what other people think. This is the secret that can make you more attractive to 99.9% of girls.

Pretty much every fear you've ever had when it comes to social interactions is caused by worrying about what other people think of you. When we're scared to walk up to a girl and talk to her it's because we're scared of what others will think. When we hold our laughter in at the movie theater even though we want to laugh so bad it's because we're scared of the opinions of others. When we keep working a job that we hate instead of chasing our dreams it's once again because we are worried about what other people will think of us.

So the next time that you're about to not do or say something, simply because you're scared of what other people will think of you choose to do it instead of not doing it. Then do this again and again and hundred more times until the opinions of other people don't affect you and you will have discovered another legendary secret that will make you more attractive to most girls and more successful in life and with that said until next time thanks for reading.

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