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How Your Body language can Impress any girl, in seconds

How Your Body language can Impress any girl, in seconds 

Since the dawn of civilization, humans have been communicating with each other in two ways.

The first method involves the words that we speak and over time it has served us quite well. But the second form of communication is so much more powerful and when used correctly you could unlock something incredible within you.

The second form of communication is body language and when it comes to finding out a person's true personality, body language will always trump the words that we speak.

I've mentioned before that an ability to interpret body language is almost like being able to read someone's mind, especially your own.

Now the difference between words and body link is that body language can be interpreted almost instantly and intuitively unlike words which must be consciously deciphered. Think about it like this, imagine you're inside a store and a man walks up to you and says run, there is a lion.

In this situation, it will take at least a few seconds to process what he just said. Now, what if instead of words, you are in the same store and you saw 15 people running towards you displaying body language that implies they're running for their lives. Your instinctive reaction is to immediately run to escape whatever it is they're running from.

This is why body language is a much more effective form of communication and why it's universally recognized around the world by every person on the planet. Now, this is where things get interesting.

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Most girls due to the way that they're designed from birth. Are like masters of reading body language and in most cases, they can read a man's body language. Even better than he can read himself.

Girls can instinctively tell if a man is confident by how he walks? talks? his eye contact and even by how he sits? When a girl first lays her eyes on you, she will make a split-second judgment of your confidence up. Guys also do this but girls are much better at it. If the girl doesn't know you, she will assume there's a level of confidence that you're displaying right now.

It's the level that you've always had. And this is why it's so important to be aware of the body language signals that you are sending out to the world.

From an evolutionary standpoint, it makes sense that humans should be able to read body language well because it could be the difference between surviving or not surviving a dangerous situation. So what does body language have to do with girls and unlocking some kind of confident superpower with it?

The answer is simple, there is a strong link between your body and your mind so whatever one is doing affects the other. Try this, wherever you're at right now, lift your chin up slightly and hold it for the remainder of this article, by the time that you're done you should feel slightly more confident and proud.

Basically, we can use our bodies to trick our mind and to behave the way we want it to. When you're feeling unconfident consciously lift your chin slightly, straighten out your back, and push your chest out a little bit to the front, and shortly after your brain will eventually follow suit and cause you to feel confident.

Good posture is the foundation for success not just with girls but with anything in life. During a game, a star basketball player must assume the right posture before he makes the game-winning shot. And a boxer must achieve the right stance before he goes in for the knockout.

To master your body language all that you need to remember is that males expand and girls contract. In other words, guys keep their hands and knees far apart whether sitting or standing and instead of expanding girls contract their bodies. But why do we do this?

Guys expand because it's masculine and dominant and girls contract because it's feminine and submissive. In fact, the more submissive body language a girl shows the more attractive she will appear to 99.9% of all men. And the more expansive and dominant a man looks the more attractive he will appear to most girls.

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A man who contracts his body is sending body language signals making himself appear submissive, afraid, and vulnerable. Our body language instantly alters not just the way others perceive us for better or for worse but also the way that we perceive ourselves. Of course being tall and muscular helps a man to appear more confident but even skinny guys can give off the body language cues
of confidence.

Remember that your body has a powerful impact on your mind and by simply changing your body language to be more expansive you can also change your mind to feel more confident and with that said until next time thanks for reading.

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