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How To Make Any Girl Want You | The Mystery Conundrum

How To Make Any Girl Want You | The Mystery Conundrum

Right now, we're living in a world where most guys are being raised by single mothers and although we all love our moms. As men, we feel deep down that something is missing. But what is it?

The answer is a father figure. Someone to help boys transform into men. Although, women are amazing. When a young man is raised by a single mother he doesn't have anybody in his life to teaching him the basics that every man should know.

This is one of the main reasons why men grow older into the 20s, 30s, and 40s without ever having experienced what it's like to truly be a man around girls.

In previous articles, you've learned that your childhood affects every aspect of the adult that you become and it serves as the foundation that you need to be successful in life. But if you erased almost entirely by women then it should come as no surprise that you're going to think and act more like women.

The crazy thing is that most guys don't even know that this occurs so they simply grow up thinking that there is something fundamentally wrong with them when there's not. With enough practice, you can eliminate the weak parts of you that come from your childhood while building and highlighting the manly warrior within you.

Most guys would love it if most girls wanted it and the good news is that it's actually much easier to accomplish this than you might think. One of the biggest problems that are directly or indirectly caused by being raised with no male role model or the wrong male role model. Is saying too much. Guys who are raised by women tend to be more sensitive and they're more likely to say more than is necessary.

The problem is that being too sensitive is something that girls find very unattractive. Because oversensitivity is primarily a feminine trait. Think for just a moment about the main male character from the Twilight movie saga and if you haven't actually seen it the main character is basically this mysterious vampire guy.

Now the main female character in the movie is extremely attracted to it and at times she seems like she doesn't even know why? What girls say they are attracted to and the types of guys that they actually choose to be with are two extremely different things. And most attraction even for guys occurs: on a subconscious level meaning below conscious thought.

So in other words, girls are attracted to certain traits and if you were to ask them, what makes them attracted to a particular guy they probably couldn't tell you. One of the most powerful attraction signals is mystery.

But most guys were erased without a father figure become overly sensitive and they temporarily lose their ability to be mysterious. But this is one of the easiest most effective and most attractive traits that can be learned by any guy and implemented immediately.

In fact, I unknowingly used the simple psychological trick on one of the first girls that I ever met. At the time when I first met this girl, I was really shy and introverted and I also didn't have the best social skills. It's funny because being shy and lacking social skills actually made me talk very little when I first met this girl in person.

Which made me seem more mysterious and as a result more attractive. All humans are naturally curious creatures and for girls, a mysterious guy is very attractive and by simply being more mysterious you can make any girl more attracted to you. But how do you actually become mysterious?

Especially, if you were raised by women with no father figure, the answer is simple and it's so easy to do that you'll wonder why you haven't done it sooner. Back when I didn't know any better I used to explain everything too much. Somebody would ask me a question and I would always say way more
than is necessary.

For example, a girl would ask me where I'm from and instead of just saying the location I would explain why I'm here? what made me leave the place that I was at before? what I plan to do here and a hundred other things that don't matter? Here's a great example of how to be mysterious, a long time ago I bought a ring for a girl that

I was with at the time, but in order to do that, I had to borrow one of her existing rings without her knowing and take it to the jewelry store to see what size it was. Later I gave her the ring that I had bought and it fit perfectly and she was so fascinated wondering how I knew what size rings she wore. Instead of explaining every detail about exactly how I did it? I just told her that I imagined turned it into a joke and left it at that. Till this day, she still has no idea how I did it. And it's better that way.

Being mysterious is kind of like a magic trick once you understand exactly how it works it's not nearly as attractive and cool. Therefore, to start being mysterious instantly always safe less than is needed. Think about what you'd like to say when you're responding to somebody and cut your response down to just a handful of words, the bare minimum that's necessary.

It's really that simple. No matter what it is that you're talking about with the girl that you want to attract. Nine times out of ten say only what is necessary and don't explain every little detail.

Because that's boring, not mysterious, and not attractive. With enough patience, you can use this trick to instantly boos your attractiveness and make any girl want you even more. Let me know in the comments if you ever accidentally attracted a girl by being mysterious and if so how did it go?

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