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How To Make Any Girl Like You | The Crush Switch

How To Make Any Girl Like You | The Crush Switch

In a while, When trying to coordinate a female that a daily penguin offers a single pebble to win the heart of the girl he likes. If the female accepts, the two penguins will proceed to mate and spend the rest of their lives together if only it was that easy for humans.

Since humans are much more complex creatures, the way that we act when we like someone is much different.B ut just as we've decoded the courtship process for that daily penguins.

We've made huge progress towards figuring out what makes girls attracted to guys and vice versa. What you're about to learn is a fundamental truth that can help you to understand how to make beautiful girls attracted to you?

 I remember growing up, there was a girl that I had a crush on. And then later, another, and another.The problem was that these girls didn't seem interested in me. But they always seemed the most interested in the guys who showed zero interest in them. At the time, I had a handful of girls
who chased me and made it really obvious that they liked me.

But like the girls I had a crush on, I was never really interested in them the same way that they were interested in me. I only wanted the girls to didn't seem to want me.

Now the reason why I could never seem to win these girls over, was because I simply didn't understand girls and what makes them attracted to a guy.

Many of my guy friends had better luck but it really was just luck. Because they didn't really know what they were doing either. It was only once I understood this fundamental truth. That things started to change dramatically for me.

It all started with this girl that I met in a gym one day. When I first started working out, in going to the gym. It was the one place that I could go to feel thoroughly confident. All of the confidence that I have to today in other areas to my life can be traced directly back to the gym and that confidence that I gained while improving myself in that place.

When I was in the gym, I could just be myself, relaxed and feel comfortable around anyone. After a year or so I met this beautiful girl there and without even trying too hard, I could make her laugh and feel good, most of the time that I was around her. Now even though she was good- looking I wasn't interested in her because I already had a girlfriend at that time.But what I found was that overtime she started to really chase me, so as you can imagine, it was time to switch gyms and go undercover.

I changed my phone number, my address and I even stopped wearing my favorite pair of red sneakers actually i'm just kidding. I really just switched to a different gym after taking some time to think about why this girl started to chase me, I realised that it was because of how I made her feel.

Today we have studies that actually prove that women are naturally more emotional creatures than men. And when u think about it, they kinda have to be, because they bring babies into this world.

And without a special radar to detect emotions, they would have trouble caring for their own children.

Think about this, when a feminine girl sits down to watch TV. She turns on things like team mom or the bachelor, some older women watch sole proprietor.Girls watch these TV shows because they stimulate emotions. When a guy turns on the TV he watches things like sports, cars or if he's a little
nerdy he might even watch The Discovery Channel. Girls want and crave emotional stimulation. But most importantly they just want to feel good emotions.

Studies even show that the more emotional a situation is, The more likely a girl is remembered. This is why I recommended in the earlier articles that, if you want a girl to remember her experience with you do something scary and exciting with her. Some of the most charming guys, the ones who do exceptionally well around any girl and almost any situation are the guys who know how to make girls feel good emotionally.

Unfortunately, it isn't always easy to do this, in fact most girls are extremely sensitive in something as simple as the wrong combination of words, can set off a storm of emotions and whenever possible, you do not want to be on the receiving end on that storm if you don't have to be.

Now, the easiest way to stimulate a girl's emotions the right way is to simply be positive and to make her laugh, to do this affectively though, you need to be comfortable around them so if you still have trouble with this, work on that first.

It is always best to play to your strengths and find someone who you feel most comfortable when talking to girls.So the fundamental truth that I learned about attraction while at the gym, is that girls respond most to how you make them feel.

And the more positive emotions you can make them feel while around you, the more they will associate those positive feelings with you.And the more attracted to you they will become, in a perfect world, it'll be great if attracting a beautiful girl was as simple and straightforward as offering her a pebble, like the penguin.But for humans, it just doesn't work like that, and with that said, till next time.

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