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How to Attract 1% of Girls | Leagues of Attraction

How to Attract 1% of Girls | Leagues of Attraction

99% of girls are attracted to guys for many reasons. But what about the other 1%? How do you attract these girls?

Let's take a look at Bob for just a minute, Bob met this girl when he was really young. You could say that there are high school sweethearts and they fell madly in love.

The attraction is there for the most part and from the inside, they both believe that they'll be together forever. But there is a hidden danger lurking within each of them. Something that, over time has the potential to tear them apart. All humans naturally fall prey to this belief and it's actually hardwired into each of us.

All too often, we believe that all these other people in the world have it so much better than us. We think that the so-called rich guy driving the Lambo has it made. Not knowing that his car is about to be repossessed a week from now and he is also about to lose his house.

If we're not very attractive we begin to envy attractive people and think that life is so much easier for them and in many cases, it is, but that's for another article. The point here is that humans naturally, always think that the grass is greener on the other side and this way of thinking carries over into every aspect of our lives.

You can try to fight it and for the most part, you can win, but it will always be that lurking in the background. This is what threatens to end Bob's relationship and he doesn't even know it yet. You see! the problem is that Bob is very attractive and the girl that he's with not so much. When Bob first met this girl he showed just enough interest to get her attracted to him and then he pulled away hard.

Due to the way that most girls think the bait and switch that Bob unknowingly pulled off, actually worked against him and it wasn't long before this girl was connecting with his friends, hiding out in the bushes outside of his house, and doing all sorts of creepy things.

In an attempt to get more time with him and to make him see that she loved him. The reason why Bob was so hesitant to actually get into a relationship with this girl was because he always thought that the grass was greener. And technically since he was way more attractive in her it was.

Since Bob was significantly more attractive than the girl who was pursuing him, he was always thinking about the prettier girls that he could be with. Which is why he didn't care much about this girl who was pursuing him this carried on for several years. And so finally one day, Bob actually fell in love with this girl and they officially entered a relationship.

This girl chased in pursued Bob for years and it actually worked it finally paid off and she got what she wanted so badly from the day that they first met. Once this happened though the rules of evolutionary human attraction kicked in and this created the danger that we talked about earlier.

You would think that Bob and his girlfriend would stay together forever and this might actually happen but their love is at a major disadvantage from the start. Because the grass is always greener on the other side. The problem between Bob and this girl, fortunately, is easy to avoid and it also happens to be the key to attracting the 1% of girls who are likely to stick with you for the long-term.

The attraction between humans can be quite complex but there is one part that is super easy to understand. The hidden danger is that Bob is much more attractive than the girl that he is with which means that he will always be wondering if there is a prettier girl out there that he could be with and on the flip side the girl who is with Bob knowing that he is much more attractive in her, will always be worried that he's going to leave her for a prettier girl.

Now it is human nature to wonder if there is something better out there. To constantly think that the grass is greener this is a great way to think if you work on a dead-end job making minimum wage. But when it comes to relationships not so much. This concept also works in Reverse.

The one percent of girls are the ones who you can start a lasting relationship with and the key to attracting them is finding girls who were in your league so to speak. The closer the two of you are in physical attractiveness or good looks, the less each of you will worry about the grass being greener and the greater the gap, in attractiveness between you, the more likely one of you will wonder if there's something better. While the other person constantly worries about not being good enough.

Let me know in the comments if you're looking for a long-term partner or if you're someone who's just playing the short game right now. 

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