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How To Approach Any Girl?

How To Approach Any Girl?

In the animal kingdom, the male jumping spider tries to make with every female that he sees. In many cases, he is successful but other times not so much and when he doesn't quite hit the mark, he might end up paying the ultimate price with his own life.

A day after day night after night the male jumping spider approaches any and all females. Even if they're from a different species.

In fact, you could say that he's quite relentless and hidden within the behavior of this spider is a lesson that will help you not just with girls but with achieving success for anything in life. You see with every approach the jumping spider is betting everything and putting it all on the line during any given encounter, he might accidentally approach the wrong species.

And at this moment he could be eaten alive, but here's the secret that makes him so successful even though he knows that he could be someone's lunch he still makes the approach. In other words, he never gets attached to any particular outcome.

Many of us move through life attaching ourselves to one outcome or the other. Maybe we talked to the cute waitress or the bartender and if it doesn't go so good we take it personally and let it affect us in the wrong way.

The reason why the male jumping spider is so successful and not just mating but all the things that he does in life is because he has never attached to the outcome. Basically, he does whatever he has set out to do regardless of whether results in him winning we're getting eaten by a female.

A famous quote once said if you want to know who you are? Don't ask, act. The action is literally what defines you as a person every action that you take is like a little stone slowly building up who you are as a person.

There will be times when you flirt with a girl and she immediately shuts you down. There will also be times when you take action towards your purpose in life and end up doing something really stupid and embarrassing. But the key is to never attach yourself to the outcome.

When the jumping spider puts himself out there and takes action every single day, he realizes that there will be many positive and also many negative reactions. Let's say you want to get more comfortable talking to girls and your goal is to talk to five different girls per day. Maybe 4 out of 5 those interactions are negative when you first start out and maybe this continues for a week or two.

The way that you gauge your success and progress is not by how many of those interactions were positive but by whether or not you took action. If you do what you set out to do in life and never become attached to the outcome. It is simply a matter of time before you achieve your goals. It's the action itself that defines you and makes you grow as a person, not the outcome.

If the outcome of your action happens to be a cute girl or a new Lambo then so be it. But we're not doing what we do for the outcome we are doing it to grow our character. You can be the most successful, most attractive man on the planet and yes it will be way easier to attract most girls than it is for guys who don't have the looks, wealth, or the power.

But there will always be girls and other people who don't like you for no particular reason. The jumping spider has mastered the art of not caring what other people think and not attaching himself to the outcome of anything that he does. The guys who seem to have the worst luck with girls are usually the guys who try once, fail and attach the negative outcome to themselves.  As if there is something wrong with them.

In fact, basic psychology shows us that in many cases it is actually the other person who causes a negative result and not you. That girl who was super rude to you when you walked up and talked to her just split up with her boyfriend and took out her frustration on you.

It had absolutely nothing to do with how you approached her or what you said. Every single time that you take action outside of your comfort zone, the action is physically altering the neurons inside of your brain and making you stronger and less fragile.

If we look at any of the most confident and most successful people in the world, the one thing that most of them have in common is that they simply don't care about the outcome. They do whatever they set out to do and they're always taking action regardless of what happens.

The guy who is always laughing super loud in the movie theater might be annoying but you have to respect him because he is free. He knows that other people in the theater might get annoyed but he laughs anyway because he doesn't live a life chained to outcomes.

He isn't holding anything back to please other people and he's being his true self. This is the kind of real authenticity that attracts all girls and even though most of them will act like they're mad at you when you live your life this way. Deep down they love it when a man isn't afraid to be himself around other people.

Freedom from being attached to the outcome is the purest form of confidence that a man can show. The jumping spider has known all of his life that any given encounter could be his last. But he still takes action every day to achieve what it is that he set out to do and you can do the same. 

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