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Girls Chase 99.9% Of Guys Who KNOW This | The Domino Effect

Girls Chase 99.9% Of Guys Who KNOW This | The Domino Effect

Imagine for just a second that you're walking through the halls of your high school or college. You casually look around and notice several guys hanging out and talking with the popular girls.

You know the girls that most of the guys in school could only dream of being with. These attractive girls are talked about regularly by many guys at school and the words hot or fine are frequently used to describe. Even though their body temperatures are the same as mine and yours.

Now think about the guys who regularly end up with these girls, if you think like most people, you would probably call these guys cool but what is the word cool really me and how can it transform an ordinary guy into one who was able to effortlessly mingle with any attractive girl that he comes across.

The word "cool" is just a way to describe a guy who is respected by other guys and who easily attracts most girls and contrary to popular belief. This guy doesn't have to be super good-looking to do this. What you're about to learn can forever change how you interact with girls and it can set you on a path to unimaginable success in your own life.

But first, you need to meet Bob. Bob is a great guy and he regularly enjoys long sessions on the ps4 with his friends and he has probably already been any video game that you can think of. But bob is hiding something and if you're a guy, you would never know what it is, until you see how Bob acts around attractive girls.

When hanging out with his guy friends, Bob is loud, outspoken, and you could almost call him the alpha of the group but as soon as you toss an attractive girl into the picture, Bob's behavior changes and he goes from an outspoken alpha to a timid shy little boy. but why?

How is that Bob can be so confident around guys but an attractive girl instantly throws him off his game every single time? The answer is simple, even though Bob is approaching 30, he has barely spent any time around girls and he is almost never interacted with girls who were especially attractive.

As we grow older many of the problems that we had in school or at home, we carry over into our adult lives. Since Bob preferred video games over girls during most of his time in school. He never got any experience talking to and interacting with girls.

The truth is that there is nothing wrong with this and this is exactly how many guys have spent their time while attending school. But at some point a lack of experience with girls become a problem if you want to become rich and successful in life and unfortunately the older you get the more embarrassing a lack of experience with girls will become.

Think about the guy in the movie the 40 year old virgin, if nothing is done to correct his lack of experience this is exactly who Bob will turn into. The funny thing is bob has no trouble interacting with girls who aren't very attractive, but the higher the girl is on, the attractive scale the more nervous Bob tends to get. And he will even go so far as to completely avoid them.

If you're like Bob even a little bit you can change and become like the cool smooth guys in school and you can actually do it so fast that you'll surprise even yourself. And here's the secret in life success breeds success, failure breeds failure, fear breeds more fear, and confidence breeds more confidence.

In other words, if you aren't winning, you're losing. They say an object in motion tends to stay in motion. All of these cool guys in school who seem to effortlessly charm the attractive girls don't have some type of superpower even if it might appear that way to you.

In fact, the only difference between them and you is experience. Success breeds success and fear breeds more fear. Bob has spent so many years avoiding interactions with attractive girls that even the thought of it scares him silly. And to think it all started with one embarrassing experience that he had with an attractive girl in middle school.

When he asked her out in front of his friends and she told him no. Ever since Bob has allowed this ridiculous event to turn into a 15 year long fear of attractive girls and the longer that you spend running from a fear the larger, scarier, and more powerful it grows inside of your head.

All of the cool smooth guys in school have gone to this same experience, but instead of turning that event into a huge fear of attractive girls they simply tried again and again and eventually, they had so much experience interacting with attractive girls that it doesn't even faze them anymore. So the secret is exposure. It's almost like a skill in the video that we play.

Except this skill can earn you great rewards in real life, which is the only life that actually matters. The more the cool guys interact with girls, the better they get at and the more that Bob avoids attractive girls the worse and more awkward that he gets at it. Not just with girls but with people in

As guys, we naturally respect and look up to other guys who are really good with girls. So the better that you get with girls, the more that you get the added bonus of other guys respecting you more. Which can open doors and opportunities that you wouldn't have had otherwise.

As soon as Bob faces his fear of interacting with attractive girls, he will realize how small it really was. Every fear is like a little chihuahua with a loud aggressive bark but no bite to back it up. And the sooner that you face it the less time that it has to grow louder in your head.

To sum it all up the more you do something the more experience and confidence that you gain for that activity and that is how you master any skill.

At first, you'll feel super nervous and awkward and most people give up within the first few attempts. But it's shortly after this point that the nervousness and the fear fades away. And these things will be replaced with a hidden confidence that you never even knew you had. Not just when it comes to interacting with girls but with any activity in life. 

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