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1 Secret Girls Will NEVER Tell You | The Black Widow Bias

1 Secret Girls Will NEVER Tell You | The Black Widow Bias

If you're a younger guy, you already know that Competition for females is fierce and the same is true For many species in the animal kingdom. The black widow Spider is viewed as the most venomous spider in North America.

With a bit that is many times stronger than that of a rattlesnake. But it's not the bite that matters, it's the mating ritual. Hiding deep within the courtship process of this incredible insect, Is one of the most valuable lessons that you can learn. Not just for meeting and attracting girls, But also for life in general. The female black widow spider Has a shiny black body but on her back end

Is a small red symbol which looks almost exactly Like an hourglass. It can very well be possible
That this small, red hours glass is for showing The future of her mate, letting him know that the clock is ticking and time is running out until she devours him for food.

So what does this have to do with girls? During the matting process The female, black widow spider creates a large web And sprays it with special pheromones. After smelling the pheromones, male spiders will become attracted to the female and begin their approach.

And it's what they do next that we can learn A very important lesson from it. As the male spider approaches, He quickly moves around to all the parts the females' web that have being sprayed with her pheromones. And he begins to tear them apart. It is believed That the male spider does this to eliminate competition by bundling up the pheromones' soaked web and destroying it.

The male spider is able to eliminate the one thing that will attract other males into the web. This serves as a very effective way to take out the competition. But how does this translate to humans? If interpreted literally after meeting a girl you like, You would need to go into her home and destroy everything in her bedroom Obviously this would lead you in jail so don't do that.

The hidden meaning behind this courtship process Teaches us something much more useful. According to some of the latest research, a person forms An impression of you within the first 7 seconds after meeting them. Some studies say this number is less or more But as a general rule, you have about 7 seconds. First impressions are incredibly important. Get them wrong and you'll miss out on many opportunities. But get them right and you'll have better luck not just with Girls, but anything you do socially.

I remember in High School I met many girls while hanging out with my buddies, looking back though. The girls who pursued me and wanted to hang out again Were always the girls who I left the greatest first impression. And the ones who didn't care to be connected. with me were the ones who I met while I was feeling really shy or unconfident. By destroying the parts of the web that contain the female's pheromones. The male spider was eliminating competition from other males. The first impression that you leave a girl with,

Is the equivalent with destroying the web that other males need to approach. And the better you are at doing this, the less competition you'll have, but it's not just about girls! Whether we want to accept it or not! Society is one giant competition. Every second of the day and with every action you take,

You are either eliminating the competition or Letting the competition eliminate you. A strong first impression can help you secure the job you want Or even help you get the girl that you like. It can also help you to build a strong social circle And give you access to the opportunities that most other people won't have.

Now there are many things that you can do to leave An incredible first impression, but there is one that truly matters. And it is 'HOW YOU MAKE THE PERSON FEEL'

This is especially important when it comes to girls because girls Have a brain that is tuned specifically for emotions and feeling things. Studies have shown over and over again that after meeting someone we form an impression of them based almost exclusively On how they made us feel. You could meet Dr. Evil for the first time And even though you secretly know that he has fed people to sharks to have lasers attached to them. If he succeeds in making you feel good then you'll leave with a positive First impression of them. But how do you actually do this?

The answer is simple. To leave a great first impression All that you have to do is to make the person feel good. And to make the person feel good, all that you need to do Is understand one thing that is really important to them.

For example, all the people In a gym, are there to look and feel better. These people have worked Incredibly hard for a muscular or toned body. So an easy way to make them feel good is to lowkey Compliment them about their body. A simple complement About something that is obviously important to the person Is the easiest.

And one of the most effective ways to leave a strong first impression. Because it will make them feel great inside. So, if you want to win, not just with a girl But at life in general, use a strong first impression to destroy the web that other guys need to approach a girl, a job opportunity, or anything else that you must compete for in life

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