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Tips and ways to reduce and reduce weight

Tips and ways to reduce and reduce weight

Health Tips - Too much body weight, that is, obesity, neither is it better than our health perspective and not only from the perspective of personality attraction.
Increasing weight is the state of our body when fat increases in body fat. The Calories We Get
If we are not burning in that proportion, the remaining calories accumulate in our body as fat and we gradually become victims of obesity.

Before starting the solutions, we also need to know whether our current weight is appropriate or not? For this, we can get help from the BMI (Body Mass Index) tool. BMI directs a parameter according to weight and length, which tells the amount of fat present in our body.

 Under 18.5 - People of this category fall under the category of Underweight
 18.5 to 25 - People of this category fall into the category of Normal Weight
 25 to 29.9 - People in this category fall into the category of Overweight
 More than 30 - People of this category fall into the category of obese (excessive weight)
Just as our body comes into the grip of obesity, it takes some time to reduce obesity.

So let's go for weight loss, we need to pay attention to the diets related to diets.
Balanced diet - Our diet, like over-diet (eating more than hunger), can be one of the main reasons for weight gain. So let's say our dietary system is balanced. The day meal should be light and digestible according to physical labor and dinner
Eat at regular times: Punctuality is very important for anything. By eating food on a regular basis, the digestion process is good and can also be avoided by eating too much. Dinner should be done two or three hours before sleeping
Eat slowly: every piece of food should be chewed at least 15 times. It also keeps the digestive system good and can be avoided by eating too much eating habits. It has been found from a survey that the more you eat, the more you eat, the more you eat.
Small dose - Take a small dose instead of a large dose. If you eat twice a day, it would be better to take this dose 3-4 times instead of two
Rules for drinking water: Water should not drink at all about 1 hour before and after the time of meal. Drinking water immediately after eating in Ayurveda is considered to be poisonous. If you take lukewarm water in cold water, it is very useful for your health and digestive system.
After strolling in the day after the meal and walking a hundred steps in the night, lying down on the left or sitting in the vajrasana, the food is digested properly.

Use non-stick cookware, which will help reduce the unnecessary amount of oil.
Take protein in vitamins and fiber in excess quantities
Eat fruits, green vegetables, salads, excess food and eat less such things that cause fat increases.
Avoid fried and spiced fast food.
 Weight loss home remedies

1. Lemon and honey: Drink lemon and honey solution with empty stomach in the morning, you lose weight and your skin gets shine too.
2. Basil and honey: Take 2 teaspoons of basil juice and 1 teaspoon honey solution daily by drinking it once a day, weigh down.
3. Pulp of cowpea: 10 grams of cowpea pulp 6 ml. Ginger juice and 2 teaspoons of honey mixed with it, taking the empty stomach daily in the morning, the complaint of obesity begins to remove soon.
4. Corrugated juice: This is the best antioxidant that keeps body's metabolism right and makes it easy to reduce fat.
5. Canberi Juice: Drink lemon or vinegar, drink it, lose weight, and also get relief from toxins.
6. Gourd Juice: Drinking 1 cup of gourd juice daily helps to control weight.
7. Apple Cider Vinegar: It can be mixed with water or juice and drink it. It keeps the digestive system right and also eliminates the problem of obesity.
8. Maple syrup and water: It can be controlled by drinking empty stomach in the morning with hot water.
9. Green or dandelion tea: Instead of milk tea, green or dandelion tea drink is helpful in reducing weight.
10. Take 1 teaspoon of cardamom seeds and 10-10 grams almonds, dry coconut fillets, sugar candy and coriander seeds and take 2 to 2 teaspoons of this powder with water in the morning in the morning, the weight starts getting very controlled.
11. Soak two large spoon cumin seeds in a glass of water and keep it for the night. Boil it in the morning and drink like hot tea. Chew the remaining cumin seeds too. Weight gain is controlled by its daily intake.
 Writer - Arvind Kumar

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