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Signs You're More Attractive Than You Think

Eight signs that you're more attractive than you realize.

We all doubt our attractiveness from time to time. Seeing more and more flaws every day. But wait! if you think you're not that appealing it doesn't necessarily mean it's true in the eyes of other people.

There are a couple of clear psychological signs that can tell you a lot about your appearance and natural magnetism. So are you ready to face the truth? Then keep reading.

#8  People rarely compliment you.

Can you remember a situation where you were 100% self-confident and sure that all eyes would be on you? But you ended up not getting a single compliment. We've all been there. This situation often makes a person out their attractiveness and think that something is wrong.

Logically speaking a ton of compliments should mean a great appearance right! But that's not how our psychology works. When we see a naturally gorgeous person, we automatically think that they can't have low self-esteem. As a result, we give these people fewer compliments and that's simply because we assume they already know how beautiful they are. See what I mean?

So don't let a lack of compliments bring you down, you look just as outstanding as you think.

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#7 Compliments coming your way usually sound apathetic.

Let's try to look at the whole complements thing from another perspective. Let's say you're complemented rarely but then you finally get some praise and it sounds completely emotionless.

Come on!

This has to be the final confirmation that's your nothing special, right? Not exactly! Remember what we just talked about. As we tend to think that attractive people know exactly how hot they are? We don't see much sense in paying extra attention to it.

And that's exactly why compliments end up sounding so trivial and mundane. So, once again no
need to worry here.

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#6 Strangers often try to make eye contact with you.

We can lie with our words but our body language always tells the truth. Accordingly, if someone keeps looking at you even for short periods of time this person obviously likes you.

A long look directly into your eyes with a little smile or friendly expression conveys strong emotions and is a subconscious attempt to establish contact. Don't confuse it with a serious look into your eyes though as this can sometimes imply secret aggression. There is also a third option that you don't see often.

A person keeps looking at you and continues to do so even when you notice. It's a signal of a strong interest in you and a desire to know more about you who you are!

A little creepy let's be honest but it still counts as a positive response to your appearance.

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#5 People raise their brows when looking at you.

Again body language you guys. The more you know about it the easier it gets to read people like an open book. Raising the brows is one of the truest body language responses out there since it happens automatically and unconsciously.

And seeing a gorgeous person is one of the things that trigger this response. German ethnologist Irenaus Eibl-Eibesfeldt, carried out a massive research project that observed people from at least a dozen cultures. He documented when guys and girls used an eyebrow flash and how they responded to it.

The results weren't that surprising. They confirmed that we raise our brows to show our friendly attitude non-verbally.

Moreover, it's also a subconscious attempt to open our eyes even wider to see something or somebody that attracted. So look for it.

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#4 People periodically make duck lips when looking at you.

Sounds kind of creepy but let me explain I'm not talking about the long-lasting duck face that some people enjoy doing for selfies. It's more of a one-second action that can occur several times in one meeting.

And according to body language experts, it's closely connected to a subconscious wish to kiss. The same thing goes for licking lips and this gesture is clearly a bit more expressive. It's also a good hint for anyone who's wondering whether their crushes into them. If they glanced at your lips from time to time there's a great chance that they have romantic feelings for you too.

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#3 People try to get closer to you.

How often do you try to get closer to people you feel indifferent too? Almost never, right! And what about people you like? The answer will be completely different here. Psychology has a simple explanation, we keep our distance from people who don't seem attractive to us and try to keep close to those who give off positive vibes.

It's especially clear during a conversation if a person leans in quickly touches your hands or arms and
keeps eye contact then there's no doubt that they find you really attractive.

#2 People are surprised when they find out that you have complexes.

We subconsciously think that attractive people can't have low self-esteem remember! So if the people around you become extremely surprised upon hearing about your complexes, it's one of the clearest signs that your problem with your appearance is purely imaginary.

Moreover, looking at you some people might think that your life is perfect and they get irritated if you dare complain about having issues when you have so many advantages in their opinion.

Have you ever seen a scene in a movie where a girl with a model appearance complains about being overweight thus causing a wave of indignation and other girls? That's exactly what I'm talking
about. So if it sounds a lot like your life it may be the case.

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#1 People are usually either too polite or extremely unfriendly with you.

If people either love you or hate you this means only one thing. You are not indifferent to them. A self-confident person who doesn't have complexes and considers themselves attractive and successful appreciates the same quality in other people.

To put it simply people who treat you with a polite and friendly attitude see you as an equal. On the other hand, we're all human and every single one of us has to deal with other people's negative emotions from time to time. Learn not to take them personally and don't get upset.

It's their unhappiness lack of self-confidence and envy that makes them behave this way. Instead of wasting your time on them stick to the first group and you'll be alright. So there you go!

Those are all the signs that can confirm your physical attractiveness whenever you are in doubt. Still, don't forget that its inner harmony that makes us glow not perfectly symmetrical features. Don't strive to fit in the mold of a flawless man or woman.

Embrace your imperfections and the unique characteristics that make you stand out from the crowd. After all, nothing is more beautiful than a person who loves themselves and knows their worth.

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But it's time to hear your point of view. How many of these signs are true for you? And how do you behave in front of people, you find undeniably attractive? Tell us in the comment section below.

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