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How to stop being a nice guy | How to become Alpha Man

How to stop being a nice guy | How to become Alpha Man?

I gotta say this guy's but life is so unfair. You see other men are getting promotions at work. They have a better lifestyle than you. Maybe a better girlfriend. You are a nice guy and you're nice with every single person in your office and in life.

But there is definitely something special in that other guy that you don't have. The main difference between you and him is that he is an alpha male and you are just a nice guy. But hey there is nothing wrong being nice to everyone. Most of us are raised with the mentality to become the nicest person and girls also like nice men. Then why you still didn't get what you want in life?

Let's talk about being nice to everyone. 

James is a nice guy he is nice with every single person in his office. He's cool around his friends and coworkers and everybody knows that he is a super sweet guy.

Let's talk about James beliefs and actions.

James looks for approval. James has a girlfriend he always puts his significant others needs and desire before his own, thinking that making her happy would mean the relationship is working. Same thing in his office he thinks that he should do whatever his managers say without giving any of his opinions. He tries to fix everything.

Your girlfriend is mad at you and you are trying to do what anything that will make her happy which is not a bad thing. He spends most of his salary on his girlfriend just to make her happy but still, she doesn't show any interest in him and he is trying hard to win her.

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He is a giving person. 

James always makes sure that he helps everyone his friends, family, co-workers, and his girlfriend. But even after doing all of this people don't appreciate him. He thinks that he is good with every person but still something is missing. He holds his feelings.

James and the alpha male both got promoted but alpha male got a new office and he is also making more than James. Both of them has a similar job title and they also have seen years of experience.
But James is afraid to talk about this matter to his manager because he is trying to old his feelings.

James tries to avoid conflicts. James knows very well that some people in his office doesn't like him and always say bad things about him behind his back. But he never confronts anyone because he is just too nice.

Now, let's talk about our alpha male.

He's the coolest in his office his girlfriend likes him everybody in the office respects him and he is making more money than James.

Let's talk about alpha males believes and acts. 

"He is nice just to be nice". Alpha male is also a nice person but he is nice just to be nice and not being nice for the approval of others. Alpha male knows that being nice and respectful is a trait of an alpha but being nice to others at the expense of his own happiness is not acceptable. He has his own principles and he abides with them.

Alpha male seems like a rude person but he is honest. Being an alpha male means being real. Alpha male does not have a fake image to maintain. So, they tend to be brutally honest because they will speak what is right which can sometimes seem rude but trust me guys being honest is an attribute that alpha possesses.

As nice guy seems to be dishonest because one he doesn't want any conflict and secondly he totally depends on the approval of others and being honest won't get him that. Alpha male has a strong sense of self. Alpha knows about himself. He has complete control over his emotions and words. Hepossesses a strong sense of self-belief whereas nice guy lacks that self-confidence.

Alpha knows what he wants and will pursue and struggle to achieve it rather than just sitting and complaining about it. Alpha male makes sure that his needs are met. Everyone has needs, whether
you are a nice guy or an alpha male but the difference is not like the nice guy.

Alpha doesn't put the needs of others before his needs. Alpha knows that his needs matter to him and they are to be fulfilled not neglected.

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Alpha-male is a leader. 

Alphas are known to be leaders not that they are born leaders but they have traits or have developed the traits that a leader should have. They exhibit moral and ethical courage which is very important as a leader, you have to be courageous not like a nice guy they don't back down from a conflict. But also they don't start conflicts on their own but when conflicts strike they hold their grounds.

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Now what's the solution for this problem?

How can you become an alpha male and just stop being a nice guy?

Number1: The first thing is to change your behavior. 

It is not impossible for a nice guy to be an alpha male. All they need to do is change their attitude and behavior. They have to have a positive attitude towards life.

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Number 2: You should stop being dependent on other people opinion and start being more self-aware and having more self-belief in yourself. 

The second thing is don't bottle your emotions. When a nice guy just bottles ups his emotions, he fails to get what he wants. That is the reason they are paid less for doing the same work they do like the Alpha.

Because they fall short of expressing their emotions and they should be paid equally for doing the same task. They just keep everything inside to avoid conflict. For nice guys to become an alpha male they have to express their emotions more freely.

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Number 3:  Is it's all about balance. 

Being an alpha male is all about balance. You don't have to be a nice guy nor you want to be an asshole or mean. It's all about maintaining that balance. For a nice guy to be an alpha. He has to sustain that balance.

That means be nice when needed and be able to put his foot down and stand up for his rights when required. Just practice to balance it out you will see yourself changing into an alpha.

Number 4: Is gonna be telling the truth.

Telling the truth is one of the things alpha doesn't shy from. They speak the truth regardless of how bitter it is and how would it make the other person feel! This is where a nice guy stops. Because as we have already discussed that nice guys avoid conflicts and are in need for the approval of others so they seldom speak the truth.

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The last one is: Gonna be stand up for beliefs.

Standing up for your beliefs is a trait most associated with an alpha male. Whereas, a nice guy will
rather agree with other persons to avoid conflict. This is one thing that you should give up immediately if you want to change yourself from being a nice guy to an alpha male.

Unless I will just say "nobody is perfect" not even an alpha male. But he has the tendency to accept
his mistakes and apologize where he is wrong. But along with it, an alpha male knows that he is the leader of the pack. You have to maintain a balance in everything and maintaining that balance to make yourself an alpha male.

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