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How to Make Any Girl Fall in Love with YOU! | How to Make A Girl Like You

How to Make Any Girl Fall in Love with YOU! | How to Make A Girl Like You

Alright, I see you’re struggling to get girls so you’re looking for me to teach you EXACTLY how to make that hot girl you like to fall in love with you?

Well, you came to the right place.

Now, let’s get into it.

Tip #1: Believe your own hype.

If you want to make a girl fall in love with you and be totally obsessed, then you’re gonna need to be a pretty fucking badass dude. And in order to achieve that level of badassery then you’re gonna need to believe the own hype train.

You need to REALLY believe that you are that badass and high-status guy that EVERY girl would obviously want to bang. If you don’t carry yourself in a way that is stone-cold confident and secure, then nobody is gonna believe you’re worth swooning over and you won’t achieve the effect you’re
going for.

Here’s an example, in every single James Bond movie, Bond seems to magically make every single girl fall in love with him right?

Well, that’s because he believes he’s so fucking badass and worthy, that OF COURSE, every girl would fall in love with him. And because he carries himself this way, girls and guys treat him as such.

The vibe and presence you project is most often what people will perceive, so make sure it’s fucking epic.

Tip #2: Be laid back and don’t give too much of a reaction to girl’s interest.

This goes back to what I was saying about James Bond. James Bond always remains, calm, cool, and unreactive in seemingly every situation. You should be doing the same. This is what creates that ‘coolness’ factor that makes girls vie for your attention even more.

When a hot girl shows a guy interest, most guys get super excited and return it with EVEN more interest and attention, BUT, the real lady-killer will acknowledge it in a way that doesn’t give too much back to the girl and will treat it like it’s just another day of hot girls trying to get with him.

Acknowledge it in a way that shows her you MIGHT be interested, while still leaving her wanting more. This forces her to go out of her way, to keep pursuing you to get it.

Tip #3: Always be the one to pull away.

If you guys are texting, you should be the one to end the conversation or leave it on a high note. If you guys are out somewhere at a party or club, you should be the one to pull away after a good night of flirting and dancing and head home.

If you guys are on the phone or on FaceTime, you should be the one to hang up and end the conversation first. And when you guys are hanging out or kissing, you should always be the one to pull away and leave first.

Not only is this a good way of teasing her and building sexual desire but it’s also crucial for setting the tone that she’s the one who has to chase YOU and compete for your affection instead of the other way around. And this right here, is how you’ll get a girl to fall in love with you.

Tip #4: Be decisive and assertive AS FUCK.

Now I know I’ve mentioned these two things in the past, but in order to REALLY make girls fall for you, then you need to be as decisive and assertive as you’ve ever been. Girls fucking LOVE it when guys take control and make decisions.

Too many guys are afraid to make decisions or be assertive because they’re afraid the girl won’t like the plan or idea they propose. This leads to them pussyfooting around the girl and being indecisive and honestly just wasting time.

If there is a decision to be made, or control to be taken of a situation, then just make a decision fast and take action right away, if you do it in a confident and laid back manner, then the girl will just follow. Just assume the girl will go with whatever plan or action you propose because most of the time, they’ll be attracted to your decisiveness and follow your lead. Which brings me to my next point.

Tip #5: Treat her as if she’s already in love with you aka assume attraction.

I’ve talked about assuming attraction before but this is taking it to a WHOLE other level. You want to assume attraction for a slightly different reason in this context. When you assume the girl is already attracted and into you, you will be more playful, be more aggressive and playful in conversation, and it’ll subconsciously make your flirting game better with her.

But more importantly, it’ll keep you in check and prevent you from texting her too much, giving her too much attention, and worst of all, starting to become too needy. This is a problem so many guys face.

They start off strong with a girl, they get her to like them and be really interested, but then they become too comfortable and start to REQUIRE attention and validation from the girl which results in them texting her too much and becoming needy.

When you assume and treat her like she’s already in love with you, you’ll be less likely to act needy and seek her approval because you already know she’s into you and doesn’t need to chase her too much.

In summary: Believe your own hype be laid back and don’t react too much to her interest be decisive and assertive as fuck treat her as if she’s already in love with you and always pull away first.

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