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9 Things That Instantly Make You More Attractive

Nine tips to become irresistible, attractive, and popular.

Do you consider yourself attractive? If the answer is, yes! Do you think others would agree?

Attraction isn't just about physical appearance, it's also about the way a person carries themselves in the world the things they say, what they do, and how they approach life's challenges? 

Being attractive can help you make friends and start dating, you better at work, and increase your self-esteem. Do you feel like you need a boost in any of these areas? If so just check out these 9 tips
to become much more attractive and popular.

#9  Say nice things about other people.

It might seem pretty obvious but if you want people to like you, you shouldn't gossip about them or
put them down. When you say negative things about others, whether you think they're true or not you risk appearing overly judgmental and flat-out mean.

If you call out someone's fault when they're standing right next to you, then you'll seem out of touch with their sensibilities. It can really put them down and create an overall awkward situation for everyone else in the room too.

For example, maybe your co-worker Mike can never get to work on time and that affects the whole team's work pace. If Mike's horrible punctuality comes up in conversation, be the one to mention how even though he's constantly late, mike is always the last person to leave work every day.

Focus on people's positive qualities because everyone has them. And besides appearing kind, sensitive, and charismatic to others, it's just a good idea to be sincere in your positivity and a good person.

# 8 Be more self-confident.

You can be talented, smart, hard-working, or possess any other amazing qualities as a person. But if you lack self-confidence believing yourself with the short end of the stick. Check if this sounds like you.

When someone gives you a compliment, you respond with phrases like "Nah" it's not that big of a deal, you don't have to mention that or that's not true.

If you're guilty of rejecting others sincere praise then you might be in the habit of reducing your
own accomplishments, desirable qualities, or talents. To appear more attractive you need to start owning up to the things that make you interesting and admirable to others.  So, next time a friend offers a compliment practice responding with a simple, thank you.

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#7 Look for the positive.

Nobody likes to have their mood brought down by a negative Nelly. I mean would you rather be stuck in an elevator with a sour individual that only sees the negative and everything or with a positive person who makes the best of the situation.

Emotions can be contagious and when you're with a positive thinker, chances are some of their optimism and passion for life will rub off on you. Those who see the glass as half-full give the
sense that they've got their lives in order. Are headed for success and are generally happier. They can make you feel good through their attitude, which is extremely attractive.

Imagine what will happen when you start being more positive. Not only will you feel better about the challenges in your own life, but you'll also attract people to you. Remember that looking on the bright side of life is a choice and anyone can do it.

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#6 Give support instead of lectures.

If you want to become important in someone's life, then part of that process involves showing empathy. Imagine Jane is in need of some support so she turns to 2 of her friends for advice.

Friend number 1 is immediately judgmental tries to give advice by using harsh words and points out all the ways that Jane messed up.

Friend 2 offers to listen helps her friend work through her problem and offers advice only when asked. In the future who do you think Jane will call next time she needs support. No one likes
being told off as if they're a child.

That's why people are attracted to those who are attentive, supportive, and non-judgmental. If you're guilty of lecturing others try focusing on listening and validating next time someone confides in you.

Before long you'll get a reputation as a great listener and people will come to you and they need help.

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#5 Unite people.

Uniting people requires a great amount of charisma, idealism, and respect for others. When you
think of people who can unite others under a common cause, they're usually surrounded by admirers who look up to them and find their ideas and values attractive.

One thing to bring people together shows you value harmony and actually accomplishing this task, indicates that you have great leadership skills. Don't get caught up thinking that this is only reserved for politicians or activists.

If for example, two of your close friends don't really get along, try to unify them, since you probably know these two people really well, you can find the one thing they have in common.

There now you'll be able to hang out together thanks to your problem-solving skills, charisma, and thus overall attractiveness and trust me this effort won't go unnoticed by others.

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#4 Develop your talents.

We can't help but be attractive to people who are constantly developing their talents. Being around individuals with this level of energy can be an electrifying experience. Because chances are you'll be
inspired by their desire to move forward.

Would you be more attracted to someone who's stuck in a rut or one who's constantly moving ahead in life. These go-getters appear more attractive because they seem experienced, driven, and capable of anything they put their minds too, plus it's just way more interesting to have a conversation with these types because they always have something new going on in their life. So, recognize what you're good at and keep nurturing it. Never stop setting goals like a champ.

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#3 Create a comfortable atmosphere.

What are the qualities of an attractive person? Is their ability to create an atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable. If you're hosting friends at your house, then that's a great opportunity to show how you can ensure that everybody has a good time.

When people feel comfortable in your presence don't want to spend time with you. But what if you're the one making others uncomfortable? Is there a certain awkwardness you bring to any sort of get-togethers?

Let's say, for example, you're at a restaurant was a group of friends and they constantly have to check how you're doing and if you're having fun. Yeah, this situation probably won't give you any attractive
points. Others will see you as disconnected, standoffish, or maybe even a little rude. So, try to create an inviting and chill atmosphere by being mindful of your own behavior and taking an active interest in other people's comfort.

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#2 Live life to the fullest.

When you meet up with friends and they ask you what's new? Do you usually have nothing to respond with? This sort of goes back to having more interesting conversations with people who develop their talents and move forward in life.

If your routine looks the same, day after day and same old same old in catch phrase then other won't be interesting in having a chat with you. People are attracted to those with interesting jobs, plans,
relationships, and hobbies. If you don't have any of these things or nothing new is going on in your life then it sounds like you might be stuck in a rut.

So, put yourself out there try new things take up a course or workshop and develop yourself. It's not only about being attractive to others you'll also gain new knowledge and skills.

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#1 Create your unique style.

Yes, attractiveness isn't just outward appearance but that is a factor in it too. Depending on how you dress? What makeup you wear? How your hair looks and your personal hygiene?

You can send different messages to others as to what your life is a person. Even if the morning messages aren't true. While your close ones already know how amazing you are!

New people might judge you by your appearance. So, it's important to be mindful of your Luck's. There's no need to spend tons of money on expensive brands or follow the latest fashion trends. Just try to look neat clean and dress for the occasion.

If you do this others will see you as self-aware and put-together. If your style is super unique, like if you have bright pink or blue hair for example then it might help you attract people that find your look specifically pleasing.  So, that you can make new friends with like-minded individuals.

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So, are you already following any of these tips? If not which ones do you plan on trying? What do you find attractive in others? Let us know in the comments below.

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