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Eight Benefits of Ice Doctors Never Told You

Eight benefits of ice doctors never told you.

The same goes that your face is your fortune. You may not support this statement. But surely you want to keep your skin healthy and radiant then you should know about one Beauty hack that is super simple and cheap but absolutely and unfairly underrated.

Ice therapy!

You probably have some ice cubes lying around in your freezer. Surprisingly, they're good not only for creating colorful cocktails but also for caring for your skin. Ice has a relaxing and therapeutic effect and it can also read you of numerous skin problems.

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First of all, let's talk about cold therapy itself.

All you need to perform home cryotherapy is ice, ice and a bit more ice. And here are the most important things you should remember about this type of treatment. You should always use cold therapy on a clean face.

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It's a good idea to wear gloves to hold the ice cubes, this will protect your hands especially if you're planning to give yourself a long and relaxing facial. When you massage your face don't apply ice directly to your skin without covering it with a soft cloth or plastic bag.

At the same time, you can use ice cubes directly on your face to reduce acne or swelling around your eyes. To avoid skin burns never apply ice packs to your body for more than one hour. You can double the benefit by making ice cubes with cucumber, green tea, horsetail tea, or garlic.

By the way, cold therapy is not just an effective way to look after your skin. It can also help you get rid of belly fat. The secret of how to do this will be revealed a little later on. But first, let's figure out how your skin benefits from ice therapy.

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#8 You'll get a smooth and glowing skin.

The ice massage that you perform on your face, can ensure that your skin becomes radiant and smooth. This is because massage improves blood circulation but when you apply ice to your face your blood vessels constrict due to the cold. This decreases the blood flow to your skin the body tries to balance this out and begins to circulate more blood to your face.

As a result, your skin looks lovely and glowing. Every evening or before going to bed try the following: wash your face fill a plastic bag with ice and gently massage your face and neck area for about 3 minutes. After a few days, you'll get noticeable results. Your skin will become fresh and smooth ice therapy also helps you to sleep better.

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#7 You'll get rid of acne.

Ice therapy is one of the best ways to attack acne problems. When you move an ice cube over your face, you've minimized the amount of oil your skin produces. On top of that, this method helps to cure the swelling and bumps caused by acne. Wash your face wrap an ice cube in a clean soft cloth or a napkin and gently press it against a pimple for 3 to 5 minutes. It won't be long before you see results.

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#6 Cold therapy reduces wrinkles.

Cold therapy is also a simple but effective way to fight wrinkles. First of all, ice improves your blood circulation secondly it keeps your skin hydrated. In addition, applying ice cubes to your skin helps to tighten it and lock in moisture which prevents premature aging and wrinkles.

Wash your face with lukewarm or warm water and then carefully dry it with a towel. Wrap a cube of ice in a napkin or a plastic cover. You can massage your face for about a minute every day before applying makeup. The good thing is that such therapy not only reduces wrinkles that already exist but also prevents the appearance of new ones.

#5 It will help you fight open pores.

The pores on your face release perspiration and natural oils. It's an absolutely normal process that actually keeps your skin clean. But if some dirt accumulates in the pores this results in acne and pimples. When you rub an ice cube over your face it helps to shrink your pores.

Thus, dirt stays away from them and your face remains clean. Rub an ice cube directly over your face for two to three minutes. If you're consistent you'll notice your enlarged pores and open pores shrinking within a few days.

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#4 You'll get rid of puffy eyes.

Did you cry all night long and wake up with puffy eyes or did you drink too much water the day before? There are many reasons why your eyes can become swollen but don't worry ice to the rescue.

Wrap two ice cubes and pieces of cloth place them over your closed eyes and gently massage the most inflamed areas, for no more than two minutes with a slow circular motion. The most effective way to perform this procedure is to use ice cubes made from green tea or milk. An additional advantage of this simple massage is that it will also prevent your eyes from looking tired.

#3 Cold therapy helps to exfoliate your skin.

If you want a cheap and quick facial, prepare several ice cubes made with milk. Milk contains a lactic acid which will freshen up your face and scrub away dead cells. If you want an extra exfoliating effect, add some blueberry or cucumber puree to the milk before freezing it.

After you've chosen the ingredients to your liking and made ice cubes, wrap them in a plastic bag or a clean napkin, massage your skin with these ice cubes until the ice melts. After that rinse your face with warm water right away.

#2 Use cold therapy to reduce the oiliness of your skin.

Many people have serious issues with their skin being too oily. Those who are familiar with this problem know the feeling of wanting to wipe away this oily sensation from their skin once and for all. That's when ice cubes will come in handy.

They decrease oil secretion and make your face feel light and fresh. Right after you wash your face rub an ice cube wrapped in a napkin or a plastic bag over your skin. When you're finished apply your favorite moisturizer to increase the cooling effect of this procedure you can add mint to your ice cubes.

#1 Ice cubes will make your lips softer.

If you notice that your lips have become chapped, try applying ice cubes to them, don't worry this won't make the situation worse. On the contrary, this procedure will help to reduce the inflammation.

Use one ice cube wrapped in a napkin or a piece of clean cloth to massage your lips for several minutes. It's important not to overdo this. Also, drink more water as this will keep your lips hydrated.

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Bonus: Combat belly fat.

If you can't afford a professional cryotherapy session. There is something you can try at home. Place an ice pack on your belly for 15 minutes then remove it and take a break for 3 minutes. Repeat this procedure for a maximum of an hour.

You can use ice packs with horsetail tea, green tea, coffee, and rosemary. Ice transforms white fat cells into brown fat cells that can be burned more easily and quickly through the process of metabolism but remember that these tricks give the best result when combined with a healthy diet in exercise.

Have you ever used ice for cosmetic purposes? Do you have your own secrets for how to do this effectively? Tell us in the comments below.

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