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10 Signs You're In a Fake Relationship

Ten signs your relationship is going nowhere. 

When you fall in love your judgment gets clouded. Because you see your partner and the relationship
through rose-colored glasses. By the time you realize that something has gone terribly wrong and your bond wasn't as real as you thought all this time. You're in too deep. But how can you tell a real relationship from one that is doomed to fail? This article will help you find out.

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#10 There are no memorable moments whatsoever.

This means that when you think of your relationship. The first word that comes to mind is normal. But love doesn't feel just normal it feels amazing.

And if you can't recall any particular moments, however, small. That has some special meaning for both of you. Your relationship might be on a downhill slope. When your love is true you preciously collect not only serious relationship milestones but such tiny things as inside jokes or cute nicknames
even vented for each other.

Things like a song a movie or a picture will make you miss your partner when they're not around. If this is all totally absent from your relationship that's bad news for you.

#9 Your partner is practically a stranger.

Opening up to another person is difficult. You need the courage to tell your partner about your dreams confess your secrets and reveal you're true thoughts. It takes time to start to trust the person you're with but if you've been together quite some time and you're still at a loss when it comes to your partner's
inner world. It's time to start thinking.

Do you know what they like or dislike? Are you aware of what their ambitions and life goals are? Do you have any idea how they spend their time when not around?

If the answer to these questions is "No", you could be in a dead-end relationship.

 #8 There are no serious conversations.

It's normal for couples to have silly or meaningless conversations. But there should also be serious discussions. People who are really in love don't have any problem planning their future together.

Discussing weekend and holiday plans talking about places to visit and even dreaming about kids. But when all your conversations come down to talking about the weather or other people. There's
something wrong.

If you notice that your partner ignores certain topics altogether or starts talking about something different to avoid a serious question, the chances are high that this relationship is a no-go.

#7  There are too many PDAs.

Public displays of affection.

You and your partner seem unable to separate when you're in public. You constantly kiss and hug and in general, give the impression of being madly in love. Well, you probably are and you don't care whose eyes land on you since you only see your beloved. Unfortunately, in most cases, couples with too many PDAs are trying to overcompensate.

 If you're only hot for each other in public and feel less than excited upon returning home, you're most likely putting on a show. It's a surprisingly common behavior which is often subconscious. You create an illusion and you're unwilling to let go of it.

 In fact, many couples don't stop holding hands kissing and smiling at each other in the company of their friends in restaurants or at parties. Little PDAs can be cute but if you notice the alarming signs that we've mentioned, try to ask yourself if it's real affection that you feel for your partner.

#6 There's a struggle for dominance.

One of the most crucial things that make a relationship work is letting go of your ego. As for power struggles and the desire to always be right these things are all too typical in relationships that have no long-term future.

People who are in love try to be flexible so it's not to hurt their loved one. They're more concerned about their partner's feelings than about being the one who is always right. They know that by winning an argument at all costs you may damage your partnership beyond

So, if someone in your relationship must always be right no matter how much it de-stresses the other person. This relationship looks to be filled with nothing but disappointment.

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#5 There's only chemistry between you and your partner.

There are couples whose relationships are based on their sexual attraction to each other. But when it
comes to communication things are not so great. Unfortunately, that's a clear sign that a relationship is temporary.

Passion is great but it eventually wears off and if it's the only thing you and your partner have ever shared you may well split up in the end.

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#4 There are secrets and lies between the two of you.

Real relationships are built on truth. In this case, partners don't have any doubts about each other and their insecurities disappear. No functional relationship can be developed if one of the partners lies
or withholds information.

However, in some relationships, it's not uncommon for one of the partners to lie to make either a better impression or keep things the way they are. The worst thing is that even one small lie kills all
trust. If a person lies about something unimportant what will happen if something really serious comes about!

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#3 You aren't patient with each other.

When people are truly in love they forgive each other shortcomings and mistakes. A real relationship is based on patience. Your partner should be ready to give you as much time as you need to come to a
decision or make amends. In an unbalanced relationship, one of the partners always gets irritated by the other's flaws. They tend to judge and punish even before they've listened to their partner's explanations.

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#2 You aren't acquainted with your partner's family and friends.

A person who has serious intentions such as spending the rest of their life with you will definitely want to introduce you to their family and friends. If you've been together for a significant period of time and this hasn't happened yet that's a hint that something is off.

One reason may be that your partner has established borders, which your relationship won't cross. Perhaps, your partner is still not sure about you. They may believe that your relationship won't last long so why bother.

Or perhaps they simply aren't as interested in you as you are in them in. Any case it's better to discuss this issue with your partner before you draw any conclusions about the nature of your relationship.

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#1 There are communication fails.

The best foundation for a harmonious relationship is effective communication. But in certain relationships, there's often one partner who doesn't dare to speak freely. They believe that to make things work, they have to compromise part of themselves, conceal their beliefs, and tuck away their true opinions.

It's quite normal to feel a bit reserved in the early stages of a relationship perhaps on the first few dates. But if you still feel this way after you've become a unit, this is one of the apparent signs that the relationship is not going anywhere.

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Have you ever been in a dead-end relationship? What other worrying signs have you noticed? Share your experience in the comments below. If this article helped you to understand something about yourself and your partner or if it was of any use give it a share.

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