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Gotranscript New Audio Answer 2:34 minute | Latest Audio test answer

Gotranscript New Audio Answer 2:34 minute | Latest Audio test answer

Recently Gotranscript audio test has been changed and it is happening frequently these days. In this article, we are providing you the latest test answer of the transcription second test i.e. audio test answer.


Negatively in the fact that, if I go over 10 to 15 minutes I might be hung aftermath. So-so I-I was some to a lot of Preston Preacher's on podcast there's a couple that I love and and-and and it is amazing because their people will come on Sunday and they know that-that their worship service or whatever they wanna call it is gonna be in hour n half and then they gonna have fellowship afterwards, and so the-the preacher preaches for 40 minutes so I think going to a lot of depth in 40 minutes so our our main highlight is the sacrifice of the mass but hears-hears the thing hears the thing my sister mass pre the preconceived notion is that everyone that's attending mass is a disciple has already committed themselves to Jesus and following him so all of the prayers
 everything, you know our-our history who we are as a people you know the catechumens weren't allowed to enter in to to to worship until and they call it the mysteries that they weren't allowed to be there until they were baptized so mass has the [Some hard name] preconceived notion that everyone that's in attendance is a Believer and an intentional disciple but in a 21st century that is nothing close to the truth. So, the Eucharistic sacrifice is the highlight for us as Catholics but then again a lot of people who were there in a refuse don't even believe that it's Jesus they don't even they don't know him they have given there life stance they have spoken to him. So, now my preaching has to be Charismatic it has to be the about the Charisma because I'm trying to convert them in order to believe that what they are about to receive is the salvation that is just one and one their souls.

Note: Please check the audio and crosscheck the words accordingly.

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