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What should we talk about today, well I heard that people were calling me Hitler on Facebook? Not because it wasn't because of what I was saying it was because of the tone yes. If I was bitching then now when I just found out that I'm pregnant and my hormone levels are through the roof, imagine how Bitch I think now and they also see that I curse a lot I don't fucking curse a lot. I only curse when I'm pissed and Okay I will admit I'm pissed pretty much most of the time yeah call me bitch call me whatever.
Did you think you're going to get away with it that easy well that's not going to happen because if you remember I like reading so to these authors are going to be, Amm I'm even I'm not sure how-how you pronounce this but I'll do my best because you do have to do some research so her name is Parinoush Saniee, and she's from and she maybe it will help you when you, when you look for her name. So she’s from Iran, okay? You know, the test has to be a bit hard just a bit because it's not 10 pages. It's not 10 steps that you'd have to take, like on other sites, because yeah, I've been out there. I've seen the other tests, I know what they're about. So you should just say thank you for this small test of three minutes with no background noise, no trouble transcribing, no trouble doing the quiz because you have the answers right there in the guidelines. And also you can look at samples, etc. Okay, So as I was saying, what should we talk about today? Oh, I saw another thing on Facebook that I sound like
Salma Hayek, Really? Seriously? She's Mexican, for God's sake. And I'm just starting to say that don't assume that my accent is Russian, which means I'm from somewhere around Russia. So not Mexico? 
Get it? Pretty far away from one another? Anyway, Okay, Let's move on. So what I'm doing right now, right now I'm just staring at my vodka bottles, which of course I can have. Because remember I’m ready, so  I'm looking that my seen of it absolute. And
I have some Champagne as well and some vine and of course I can have anything. So I suppose you didn't like my last test where I was talking about the books, you know, the Palahniuk books, Chuck Palahniuk, did you figure out what I was saying there? Or you just bought a test, like pretty much everybody does. Because now we have some groups that are supposed to help people, guide people. But actually, what happens is that sometimes people go into their small private discussions, and when somebody wants to do the test, they just ask someone from that group "hey can you help me out with this question and this question?". And that's how some people get in who actually aren't supposed to be here. But it's okay because we have so many rating systems that the waves are going to be pulled out. Yes and No, blame me because I'm such a bad person. And I don't sympathize and I don't emphasize and all the sizes, things, and words you can think of.
I really don't care. So if you like me to set up another test, which will be so academic and so specific, and you will have to search all through Google to find out what the fuck I'm saying that I can do that but I think you'll be very happy with this one.

And I already told you about Palahniuk several times, So let's see who else I have here. Ok, so I have Mario Verga Samosa. Amm I don’t have the English title but of course, you are going to find it.
Ok Good Luck Bu-Bye

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  1. Bro tell this same 4:32min audio thats all same ? I think one two line missing from it

    1. No at all...Every audio sample varies with respect to duration.
      All you have to do is to listen your audio sample carefully and then you can add or remove the text content according to your audio sample.

  2. Hey bro the new audio track has come can you please update this

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