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Chennai Filmmakers Give Our "Fair And Lovely" Gods A Darker, More Real Makeover

There is no true love greater than the love of divinity. In God, we find peace and in God, we find our happiness. Since God assumes different forms across mythologies, the mortals also find different ways of worshipping them.

But how is it, that in a country where most of the population has a wheatish or deeper, darker complexion as opposed to a glacially fair one, that gods are all imagined as extremely fair?  Would the earthlings still offer their prayers to their respective gods and goddesses if they were dark-skinned? While various colours have been used to depict our gods - blue for Lord Krishna and black for Goddess Kali - the most prevalent choice is to still paint our deities in 'fairness'.
To reverse that, two Chennai filmmakers, Naresh Nil and Bhardwaj Sundar, reimagined our gods and goddesses as 'dark-skinned' deities. As stated on the Facebook page Naresh Nil Photography, the purpose is simple:

"By depicting Gods we revere as dark-skinned, this initiative aims to celebrate a different view of their divinity, serenity and all-pervasive beauty by going beyond perceptions. Dark is not just beautiful, but divine."

Here are the portraits:

1.Goddess Lakshmi

2. Goddess Durga

3. Goddess Saraswati

4. Lord Shiva

5. Bala Murugan

6. Mother Sita and her children, Lava and Kusha

7. Bala Krishna

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